Pat Kramek Fine Art

Pat Kramek is one of the leading lights in Scottish contemporary art, her landscape work takes an almost abstract view of some of Scotland’s finest locations and landmarks, giving them the Kramek twist she has become so notable for.

Pat Kramek fine art
Peace, Barra, the Hebrides by Pat Kramek

Focusing on viewing the work from a distance, we see the abstraction of color and detail that have become synonymous with her work, creating an almost surrealistic view of the world that is both comforting and forces you to think about what you are seeing. One of the most beautiful aspects of her work is the use of color which in fact, is part of what makes it stand out. Pulling details out of the landscape with golds and maroons or silver greys, lighting the image with a sense of wonder that makes the viewer want to see it in real life.

Originally trained in textiles, Pat has worked as a computing and art teacher, graphic designer and more, before taking the plunge into art full time, showcasing her work across the UK and wider making her a strong contender in the arts of Scotland and a global star.

Respected in her field for the commercial work, it is her commissioned and personal pieces that show a varied and cultured depth of talent with a skilled eye for detail that is as in demand in galleries as it is in peoples homes.

arthur seat, edinburgh by Pat Kramek
Arthur seat, Edinburgh by Pat Kramek

Based on the West coast of Scotland she has carved a niche for herself that few have been able to surpass in her field.  An artist who is being watched and is unrivaled in her field, Pat Kramek as a person holds a warmth of character that translates well into her work and can be held up as an artisan.

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