Be Sustainable Toothbrush

The Goodwell company have been working for the last two and half years to develop and produce one of the strongest innovations in the dental hygiene market for decades: a sustainable toothbrush.

bamboo toothbrush
Goodwell bamboo toothbrush

Working with bamboo and ionic technology they have created the first of its kind in the market and continue to develop the product line with the be range, a safe, sustainably sourced electric toothbrush.

goodwell eco toothbrush
Goodwell eco toothbrush

Innovative as they are the company are making strides toward being a market leader with good reason, the products work and with their carefully researched and planned range they have developed the innovative system that supports dental hygiene and the environment.

With both a luxury and basic model, this eco-friendly range is travel-friendly.  Using quality bamboo from sustainable plantations combined with the innovative binchotan bristles which are deodorizing as well as power cleaning you get a powerfully built and scientifically strong product that is both practical and world friendly.  

Offering up more than just toothbrushes, they have developed a toothpaste, tongue scraper and floss all within their eco-philosophy making them consumer friendly, environmentally sound and of course vegan-friendly.  It should be noted that the toothpaste is gluten free, making it a must-have for those with allergies or for anyone looking to be more natural in their approach to dental hygiene as it contains no artificial additives; organic toothpaste AND eco-friendly toothbrushes makes this company a must in this age of enlightened consumerism.  

Goodwell eco toothbrush
Goodwell eco toothbrush

Uniquely placed on the market the company continues to develop and work to create a healthy mouth and clean environment with this everyday essential that sits in our home.  A hero in your bathroom or your toilet bag it is with bated breath we look forward to the next phase of the companies evolution in dental care.   

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