5 Things You Can Learn From Fit Girls

By contributing writer Peter Minkoff

This is not a man’s world anymore. It hasn’t been for a long time. Nowadays, heroines are killing it left and right and taking names, from hot-shot executives making ideas happen to single moms busting their respective derrieres in the home and in the gym as well. And why?
So that they can live the life of their dreams. So that they can feel empowered to stand proud and change the world with their actions, their words, and their wisdom. One person, one aspiring mind at a time. Here are top five things you can learn from a girl that squats more than you and crushes her goals day in and day out.

It’s okay to cry in the gym

Do you think fit girls don’t cry? Do you think Instagram stories and motivational videos are truly representative of their struggle? No, fit girls do cry, and if you hit the gym, work hard, and reach a goal you’ve been hurdling towards for years, you will cry as well. And that’s okay.
Men cry as well, you know, but girls will admit it with pride in their eyes. But not all tears are tears of joy, sometimes it’s the frustration of missing that PR, and sometimes it’s the sheer force of adrenaline rushing through you as you prepare to lift the weight, and claim your prize. No matter the circumstances, a fit girl will tell you it’s always okay to follow your emotions in the gym.

Building a killer bod is a process

You know what they say, it’s not a destination, it’s a journey. No matter how much you think you have a destination, be it a new personal best or a certain physique, a fit girl will tell you that constantly evolving and surpassing yourself is the dream you should pursue.

Fitness is a journey, and no matter how much you progress and what you achieve, you will always want to achieve more, to prove to yourself that you can do even better than that. Because fitness is addictive, and it’s the healthiest drug you can take.

Gym wear and gym gear do matter

Now, booty shorts and crop tops aren’t for everyone. While you don’t have to wear something just because the fit girl in your gym is wearing it, you should learn from her about what actually works, and what can help you reach your goals faster.

Among a fit girl’s gym essentials you will find a sports bra, a pair of durable active pants for comfort and control, lifting shoes, as well as wrist wraps, a lifting belt, and knee sleeves. These items will allow you to safely pursue your goals without the risk of injury or flashing the audience in the gym.

It doesn’t work if your diet is crap

Any fit girl will tell you that their diet, while probably not as restrictive as you might have feared, is healthy and balanced. After all, how do you expect to burn fat or build muscle if you’re eating junk all the time? You can’t, so if you want her six-pack and her mind-numbingly beautiful behind, you’ll need to pair your gym routine with a solid diet plan.

First, make sure you calculate your daily calorie requirements. This is your maintenance value, and you want to eat more or less than that to either gain weight or lose pounds. Secondly, make sure you calculate your macronutrient needs, making sure you eat healthy proteins, fats, and carbs on a regular basis.

Strength is the epitome of sexiness

Strength is the new sexy, as any fit girl lifting decent weight in the gym will show you. There is nothing sexier in a man’s, or woman’s, eyes than a girl who knows how to handle a barbell and a set of 45s for a set of 10 reps. Not only does lifting heavy build a sculpted physique, but it also does wonders for your self-esteem as well.

So ditch the Stairmaster, say goodbye to the elliptical, and follow that smoking hot girl to the weight section. Not only will you be able to burn fat faster with weight training, but you will finally be able to truly achieve the body of your dreams.

In the modern world, equality reigns supreme. Or at least the bold new generations of women are fighting hard for equality to become an inextricable part of everyday life. Be sure to follow these essential tips, and you will have no problem becoming as powerful and successful as that fit girl relentlessly fighting the weights in the background.

Peter is a lifestyle writer at Twisted Male Mag and MAMagazine, living between Brisbane and London. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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