Mimi Parrel-Pimentel Fashion Designer

Image courtesy of Mimi Parrel and Google
Mimi Parrel Pimentel consultation

Hailing from the Philippines Mimi has become a vision of elegance in the world market creating elegant, chic and stylish clothing for women.  With a line that exudes classic elegance and simplicity, Mimi has created a clothing range that fits the needs of the urbane woman who needs to go from lunch with the girls to cocktails with the CEO.  Travelling across her home country to all corners of the globe to showcase her work in bridal and cocktail wear, Mimi has built a solid reputation as the fashion consultant to the President of the Philippines.

Standing tall in a sea of extravagance and over design, she has created something unique that speaks softly and is heard in the crowd.  Designing for elegance her feminine, fashion-forward creations are a staple of some of the most expensive wardrobes with a client list that includes society dames and politicians.

Mimi Parrel Pimentel
Mimi Parrel Pimentel measuring at a consultation

On close inspection you can see the detail and craft in the clothing; the carefully constructed shapes, the fabric choices that just add that extra edge to an already exquisite piece of design.  Which translates well to her tailoring for menswear, making her an all-round designer with an eye for detail and tailoring that transcends gender.  

The coup de gras of design and mark of quality is her personal tailoring work for dignitaries who need to be able to stand tall without being overstated and Mimi Parrel-Pmenetel carries this with an easy grace and dignity.  

In terms of luxury design it’s impossible not be awed by her skills and seeing the designs gliding down the catwalk is a visual representation of Luxury, elegance and it’s easy to understand why she is the designer of choice for the President himself.  Talent just transcends and with an eye for detail, she is able to create something that makes a statement for men and women.  

For more details on Mimi Parel-Pimentel and to see exclusive shots of her designs see her Instagram account:  https://www.instagram.com/mimiparrelpimentel/

Mimi will be showcasing her work for the first time in London with the House of iKons:

House of iKons ticket information

For more on the House of iKons or PR and press inquiries about Mimi Parell-Pimentel:  https://www.houseofikons.com


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