Beautiful Makeup Starts with Healthy Skin

by Chyla Camacho


Did you know that your skin is the heaviest organ in your body?  It accounts for 16% of your total body weight which is about 21 pounds in adults.   Our skin goes through many changes throughout our lifetime.  You might not remember how your skin felt when you were a baby; but most likely your baby skin was super soft, smooth and delicate.  Do you remember your skin going into your teen years?  I remember that big pesky pimple that would show up unannounced.  It always knew when I had picture day at school or a birthday party to go to.   As I hit adulthood, my skin went from oily to a combination of things.  Dry sometimes, oily the other times, and sometimes a combination of both.  My point is, as we age, so does our skin.  A lot of women believe that makeup can cover up our skin problems.  And while some of that is true, it doesn’t help our skin.  A good skincare routine and a balanced diet cleanse your skin from the inside out.  When your skin is healthy, your makeup doesn’t have to do all the work.


Sunscreen is your best friend
When someone asks me to go to the beach and tan, I’m all in, and my sunscreen is on.   Using sunscreen (SPF) will protect your skin from harmful UV rays.  Too much exposure to UV rays can lead to dark spots and wrinkles; which may not appear right away but are forming deep within the skin before they surface.   When buying skincare and makeup, always try to purchase products with an SPF.  Most moisturizers, foundation powders, and liquids have at least SPF15 in them.   I say the higher, the better! It’s important to wear SPF daily because minimal exposure to the sun will slow down the aging process dramatically.
FUN FACT:  In Japan, women in their 40s look like they’re in their 20s.  WHY?  On sunny days, they hide from the sun.  You can find them under umbrellas and wear arm gloves to keep their skin protected from the UV Rays.  And of course, they slather on the highest SPF daily.


There are thousands of skincare products on the market.  How do you even begin to narrow it down to what’s best for your skin?  Don’t buy random products and hope for the best.  Do some research on your skin.  The three major skin types are oily, combination and dry.  If you aren’t sure which type your skin falls into, you can ask a dermatologist, esthetician or visit a cosmetics counter.   These trained professionals can also determine what products will be best for your skin.  Once you’ve established your skincare regiment, the most crucial step is CONSISTENCY.   Think about working out at the gym.  If you exercise every day and stay loyal to good eating habits, you’ll see the results you want.  Then after a while, you start slacking off on the workouts and eat way too many cheat meals.  What happens?  Your body starts to lose that shape you worked so hard for.   It’s the same with skin.  You can’t quit your skincare routine once you get the results you want.  You have to be consistent to maintain that skin you love.


While skincare repairs skin from the outside, healthy foods and plenty of water fix it from the inside.  As we get older so does our skin.  You might look in the mirror one morning and notice a wrinkle or two you’ve never noticed before, or a dark spot that finally emerged from all those times you went to the beach to tan last summer.   Don’t worry! Your skin is not doomed.  A balanced diet rich in antioxidants will help with slowing down aging and can repair skin damage.  Fruits and vegetables such as berries, spinach, beets, tangerines, sweet potatoes, and apricots are excellent examples of power foods high in antioxidants.  Carrots, cantaloupes, kale and sweet potatoes are packed with Vitamin A which help with clearing up acne and the oil production on your face that clogs pores. Vitamin C is another antioxidant that brightens your skin and helps with lightening dark spots from sun damage.  And last but certainly not least, WATER.  Lots and lots of water.  Out of all the foods, I have mentioned, this one is your best friend.  Not only is it an essential part of our lives and the world we live in, but it is also very essential for our skin.  Drinking the recommended 8 cups a day prevents dehydration which is the cause of fine lines and wrinkles.  So before you grab a bag of chips and soda for a snack, think about your skin and swap it for some fruits and water.

*Always…and I will say it again…ALWAYS wash your makeup off before you go to bed.
We’re all guilty of it.  Laying down in bed telling yourself, “This is the last time, I promise.”  Waking up, washing your morning smokey eyes and day-old foundation off your face.  It’s time to reveal the truth about your decision to sleep with your makeup on.  Did you know that going to bed without washing off your makeup ages you two days every single time you do it?  Layers of makeup prevent your skin from naturally shedding which slows down the skin renewal process.  This causes uneven skin tone and texture.  It can also cause acne and enlarged pores.

Tip: *Have a pack of makeup wipes next to your bed on those busy days.  Makeup wipes are not as beneficial as skincare products, but at least gets the makeup off and allows your skin to breathe.


Tip: *Make sure to wear eye cream daily.
Your under eye area is the thinnest skin in your whole body.  Simple facial expressions, such as smiling and squinting, can cause your eye to show age.  Wearing an eye cream day and night will help with signs of aging and prevent dehydration which can also cause wrinkles.


Tip: *Don’t pull your eyelid too tight to apply your eyeliner.  Any manipulations to this skin can cause wrinkles fast.  Once the damage is done, although possible, can take a long time before it’s fixed.


Tip:*Don’t’ rub your eyes harshly.  The look of someone’s eyes can show how youthful they are, someone with textured eyelids from rubbing shows age even if they are young in years.  Remember what I said before, this is the thinnest skin in your body, treat it like a fragile flower petal.


Tip:*Stop Smoking
Not only is smoking bad for your lungs and teeth; yup, you guessed it!  It’s horrible for your skin.  Studies have shown that smokers look up to 20 years older than nonsmokers at the same age.  Also, smoking cigarettes destroys nutrients such as Vitamin C.  A nutrient essential for skin repair.


Tip: *Don’t give up so quickly on your skincare.  Just because you don’t see fast results, doesn’t mean your skin isn’t getting benefits.  People don’t go to the gym for a day and expect to see results that same day.  It takes time, patience and CONSISTENCY.  Healing your skin from the inside with nutritious foods and water will get you to your perfect skin in no time.  Stick to it and let your skin do most of the work when it comes to your makeup look.


Catalina Magee

Founder / CEO at Trend Prive Magazine. Editor-in-Chief at The Backstage Collections Magazine.