Gift Ideas for Every Woman

Need last minute gift ideas? Receive Christmas or Holiday money from family members, co-workers, or friends?

Here, we have gifts for every type of woman: pink queens, feminists, foodies, self-care honeys, and bad-a**es. All the following gifts have one or more qualities: Vegan, fairly-made, hand-made, chemical free, cruelty-free, organic, sustainable, or eco-friendly.

The Pink Queen:

The woman who loves to be feminine. She loves makeup, bows, floral scents, and ANYTHING pink. 

Left to right: Johnny Concert Eyeshadow , Votch Watch, Too Faced Brush Set, Misguided Fishtail Blanket, Gunas Ridley Crossbody, Privileged Furry Thigh High Boots, Too Faced Retracted Bronze – Buki Brush, Axiology Lipstick, Soy Wax Candle, Deco Miami Nail Polish, Laila London Pink Clay Mask, and Pink Marble Bone China Mug.

The Feminist:

The woman who would rathe shatter glass ceilings than wear glass slippers. She believes in beating the patriarchy and that the future is female. She is an advocate for woman and equality. 

Left to right: I Contoured Makeup Bag, Oversized Tote Bag, ‘Kate Moss’ Picture, Girl Boss Crop-Top, GRLBOSS Matte Lip Cream, Rose Gold Princess Ring, Vive La Resistance Crewneck, Sexual Politics of Meat Book, Titties Coin Wallet, So Damn Pretty Mug, and Kat Von D Lip Trio.

 The Foodie:

The woman who loves whipping up yummy food in the kitchen. She’s a proud vegan who is always willing to try something new. 

Left to right: Handcrafted Copper Utensils & Tools (measuring cup, roller, and spoon rest), Yes Ve-Gan Crewneck, Vegan Ring, Rawsome Vegan Cookbook, Vegan Gourmet Chocolate Gift Set, Gunas Farm Charm, Vegan Fork, Himalayan Salt Mortar and Pestle, and Brazilian Soapstone Lidded Pot.

The Self-Care Honey:

The woman who is a big believer on rejuvenating oneself after a long day. She most likely has a specific day during the week to do an at home spa session. She has radiant skin, luscious hair, and looks beautiful with or without makeup. 

Left to right: Natural Botanical Radiant Facial Exfoliator, The Night Before Christmas Lush Set, Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb, Desert Essence Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner, Mask of Magnanimity, Glamorous Beauty Box, Homemade Betty Organic Rose Face Toner, Earth Tu Face Organic Trio Gift Set, Yarok Condition Hair Masque, Vitamin C Body Oil, Let’s Go Steady Tinted Gradual Tan Body Moisturizer, Deco Miami Nail Polish, Berry Dreamy Sleep Over Hydration Mask, and Oil and Glow Self Tan Oil.

The Bad-A**

This woman is spontaneous. She is a go-getter who can’t be stopped. She has mystery and edge to her.

Left to right: Contour Book Limited Edition, Axiology Lipstick, Wild Thing Bandana, Thug Kitchen Cookbook, FAIR Zip Lace-Up Boots, Votch Watch, Crawling Snake Ring, Stella McCartney Lips iPhone 6 Case, Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, Furless Couture Base Essentials Kit, Amy Winehouse Wall Art, Kat Von D Serpentina Eyeshadow Palette, and Veda Love Your Mother Leather Jacket.



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