How to Pack for the Californian Sun

How to Pack for the Californian Sun

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California is famous for its sunny, Mediterranean-like climate, so if you’re lucky enough to be jetting off there next year, you’ll probably be stocking up on sunscreen and shopping for a new hat. However, besides the obvious travel essentials, if you’re not accustomed to the warmer weather it can be difficult to know what else you’ll need.

The contents of your suitcase will largely depend on the time of year you’re traveling, as well as your destination of choice. While cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco enjoy long, hot summers, they’re not immune to wind and rain – so you may need more than just your swimming trunks. If you’re planning a trip to the Golden State, here are some packing tips to get you started.



Before you go, it’s a good idea to check the weather forecast to determine what clothing you will need for your trip. California summers can reach 100 degrees in the summer, so be prepared to sweat if you’re traveling during the peak season. You’ll need a bathing suit, shorts, t-shirts, and loose fitting pants for milling around your hotel or relaxing on the beach. You should also bring a sweater or a jacket, as the evenings can be cool, especially in the latter part of the year. Some restaurants have strict dress codes, so you should bring something a bit more formal to wear in the evenings, as well as some smart shoes.

Beach Gear

If you’re heading to one of California’s many beaches, you’ll need to protect yourself from the sun, regardless of the time of year. Pack a couple of large towels (one to lounge on, one to dry yourself after a dip in the sea), a sun hat, plenty of sunscreen, a pair of flip-flops, UV sunglasses, and a bathing suit. You may also want to take a small carry-on pouch for your money, keys, phones, and valuables.


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Road Map and Travel Guide

California is vast, and its freeways and road systems can be confusing to new visitors – therefore, a road map and travel guide are essential for your trip. Don’t just rely on your smartphone or Sat-Nav to help you get around, as you never know when these might fail or you might lose Internet connection. By all means, use your technology to help you navigate the roads, but always bring a backup map just in case. Guidebooks can also take a lot of pain out of planning your trip. Check out the comprehensive travel guides from Mr Hudson Explores for all the information you need about shopping, accommodation, and eateries in California.


It’s easy to get caught up planning your outfits and shopping for new travel accessories and forget about the items that really matter. If you’re coming from abroad, you will need your passport, a visa, and any other required travel documents, as well as your insurance paperwork and transport information. Always make extra copies of these documents to keep somewhere safe, and bring spare cash in case you lose your bank cards.

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