Ceramiracle: A Gift That Gives Back

With Christmas just a week away, we have one of the best gift ideas that are not only nifty but gives back to those in need. 

The Ceramiracle Story

Ceramiracle is the brand-child of Eugene He, a clinical naturopath by training who loves helping people – especially in achieving their best health, beauty, and wellness. In 2006, Eugene was researching on a botanical health formula when he noticed that it also led to huge improvements in the skin. Further testing proved that the ingestible formula works like a beauty capsule that not only nurtures great skin from within but can also inspire confidence in bare skin beauty. “Was it luck…serendipity? Personally, I view the discovery as a miracle that is meant to be shared with others. Because that’s what Ceramiracle is about: share a miracle. Einstein once said: you can live life as if nothing is a miracle, or as if everything is a miracle. So whether it’s the miracle of life and beauty, love, and kindness, health and wellness – let’s share it,” says Eugene.

I Am SAM – The Share-A-Miracle Bear

Image Credit: First Light

While the idea of gifting a teddy bear to customers is not new, the reason for choosing it is significant. “I had read about how the stuffed bear got named after President Theodore Roosevelt who had refused to kill a bear during a hunting trip. So SAM will be Ceramiracle’s bearer of love and kindness during this Christmas season,” adds Eugene.

Take SAM Home With FIRST LIGHT Duo Set

From now until 25 December, customers will receive SAM with the FIRST LIGHT Duo Set comprising the award-winning Ceramides Skin Supplement and vernix-inspired The Serum. “The duo is a perfect pair for nurturing perfect skin as research has shown that synthesized skincare that combines ingestible supplements is the best way to maintain ageless and beautiful skin,” explains Eugene.

FIRST LIGHT Duo Set is available on ceramiracle.com at US$119. It features Ceramides Skin Supplement (30 capsules), The Serum (30ml/1.0 fl oz) and SAM.


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