Morgan’s Inspiration Island: a fully accessible splash park

Like most parents, I  have worried about my kids not being included in social activities. It is hard not to feel upset when your kid gets left out of a sleepover or a birthday party. You see them sad, and in turn, you get upset. It does happen, and life does go on. Imagine how children with disabilities feel? Children can be quite mean to those they see as different. However, imagine a place where everyone can be included regardless of ability? Welcome to Morgan’s Inspiration Island.

Morgan’s Inspiration Island is a water park located in San Antonio, Texas. The idea for the park was the brainchild of businessman and philanthropist, Gordon Hartman of the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation. This water park is an expansion of Morgan’s Wonderland, which opened in 2010. He wanted to create inclusiveness between the special-needs population and the general population, and the park is the first fully accessible splash park in the U.S. (see

At Morgan’s Inspiration Island, everyone gets to participate in fun, water-based activities. The park offers waterproof wheelchairs which allow for wheelchair-bound participants to enjoy all the activities at the water park and at no charge to the family.  Admission includes all splash pad activities and riverboat rides. Food and merchandise are also available for purchase, and lockers may be rented as well.

Credit: Morgans Wonderland

Inclusiveness is essential on so many levels, and this is one step in the right direction. When kids (and adults) get included in activities, it makes them feel good. This idea is terrific, and I would love to see this concept expand to other locations throughout the United States. This park is a reminder that one small change can make a big difference. Thank you to the Gordon Hartman Family Foundation for creating a space for everyone to enjoy. For more information, please visit



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