5 Fashion Rules You Should Always Break According to Peter Minkoff

By contributing author Peter Minkoff

Image by Peter Minkoff

Every Fashion Month comes with a set of trends that we’re supposed to abide by for the season. However, as you might have noticed if you’ve kept a close watch of the runways, as well as Anna Wintour’s commentary that this year’s collections, in particular, have been rule-breaking but not silly, you will know as well as some of the most prominent designers of today, that certain rules are made to be broken. To that end, today, I am taking you on a tour of some of my own personal rules that should always be broken, and I am tempting you to break at least one, best case scenario, all five. After all, fashion is supposed to be about experimenting and having fun, so let’s have some, shall we?

Glitz and glam for nighttime only

This is one of the most outdated rules we need to ditch immediately, if not sooner. There are plenty of day-time occasions on which you want to put your best look forward, so don’t shy away from rocking sequins during the day. Of course, everything regarding sequins should be done in moderation, so if you’re going to break this rule, do it right. Head-to-toe sequins are a general no, have been for more than a year now, but a strategically chosen garment can look chic and totally appropriate, even for the office. For instance, with a black pant and blazer combo, why not go with a sequin blouse in either a neutral tone or a black and white combo? Try it, and once you go glitz, you’ll never go back.

White wedding

photo by Chloe Miller (My friend Chloe wore a black wedding dress)

Most brides still go for the classic white wedding gown, and as gorgeous as they look, isn’t it time we shatter this old tradition already? There are gorgeous wedding dresses that now come in a variety of shades and hues, including pale pink, lavender and now we’re even graced with the rise of the black wedding dress. The grooms get to pick the color of their suit, so why shouldn’t the brides get the same privilege. If you aren’t a true believer in the classic idea of a white wedding, follow your gut and choose a dress that best represents your personality, even if it’s dark purple. Your day, your rules.

Anything goes

When getting ready to set sail and head to the perfect tropical getaway, most people think that throwing a couple of cute bathing suits and whichever dresses and kimonos they have hanging in their closet. This is a completely wrong way to go about this. Your clothes say more about you than you think, and when at a nice resort, you have to look the part. Therefore, investing in quality designer resort wear should always be on your travel planning to-do list. From luxurious robes to kaftans and even footwear and accessories, always choose your beach attire carefully, as it speaks volumes about who you are.

Bon Voyage

photo by Roxana Oliver

One of the things I love most about statement dressers is that they are breaking one of my biggest pet-peeve rules – the one that says you shouldn’t mix patterns. This is why I was over the moon when I saw some of the collections that came down the runway this season and was ecstatic at the sight of all the bold statement dressers who were photographed for the street style editions. From mixing plaid with polka dots as well as other plaid items, vintage denim jackets and tailored jumpsuits, florals with other, bigger florals, it’s all just so marvelous. Of course, there are still certain rules to follow when mixing prints and patterns, but definitely be bold, play, and experiment away. All bets are off.

The unmentionable couple

There was a time when the sight of sandals and socks would make all the style critics cringe, and unfortunately, for some, this is still true. I personally love this new trend bold fashionistas are pushing. They are definitely pushing boundaries but in the best way possible. Great sandals, particularly those a bit chunkier ones like platform sandals, look absolutely stunning with a sock in a contrasting color. This move brings a bit of edge to the entire outfit, and when executed properly it can look super chic. Just keep in mind that delicate strappy sandals are a no with socks, but feel free to experiment with all others, and of course, make sure the socks are beautiful (and in a single color and no patterns).

Thank you, Claire, Roxana, and Chloe for being such fabulous models!

About Peter: Peter is a men’s fashion writer at Twisted Male Mag, living between Brisbane and London. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.



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