The New, Limited Edition RED Light Starter Kit

Every makeup lover has experienced the sorrow of bad lighting, at one time or another. Whether it be a dimly lit hotel room or a bathroom with malfunctioning light bulbs, bad lighting can significantly impact your makeup. Of course, natural lighting is always the best when it comes to makeup, but many of us get up too early to utilize it or don’t have an area where this is natural lighting to do our makeup. Thanks to The Makeup Light, however, you can get amazing lighting wherever you are. TML just came out with a limited edition “RED Key Light 2.0 Starter Kit With Stand”.

Image Source: The Makeup Light

This kit includes a Key Light LED panel, power cord assembly, a quick release set, a gooseneck, one light stand, a stuff sack, and felt pouches. It includes everything you need for a seamless makeup experience. The LED light daylight-balanced, dimmable light that is portable and easy pack and carries. Its advanced technology delivers high quality 96+ CRI light that mimics natural sunlight. The glossy panel and beautiful red color just add to the experience, making your daily routine fun and classy. Get the Key Light 2.0 Starter Kit now for $360 on The Makeup Light.

Image Source: The Makeup Light
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