EX1 Cosmetics

One of the most innovative makeup lines to break out of the UK, EX1 has created a buzz not only with the professional artists and beauty editors but with the public.  Fueled by a desire to find the perfect foundation for her own skin Biochemist Farah Naz went to work and created this line.

Winning awards and accolades globally it has become a firm favorite across genres and reached the Hollywood elite who love its affordable, high-performance foundations.   

With a total of 13 shades in the range, it has set a benchmark in the prestige market that will be hard to beat.  With the development being tailored and developed to meet the rigorous standards and needs of a list clientele.

The tones of the foundations and concealers sit firmly in the yellow/gold spectrum and fit well with olive toned skin making it one of the best all-around ranges for Asian skin but still within reach of European skin tones and a true to life color with staying power.  Nonoxidizing, this range is long wear, which for pro artists, actors and of course consumers makes it an easy to wear foundation that works with them throughout the day.  

A standout of the brand is its stance on building the brand keeping it 100% cruelty-free.  

Images courtesy of EX1 cosmetics: http://ex1cosmetics.com

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