Dark Electronic Artist Howwler Releases New EP: ‘Chapter Two’ – Listen

Howwler is a budding star in the eerie darkened alleyways of EDM. His first release came this past September with ‘Chapter One’ which featured the sinister ‘Midnight’ and the creepy ‘Signs and Wonder’. Not one to make us wait, the producer who is signed to the Paradigm Talent Agency (featuring similar artists such as A-Trak, REZZ and Mija), just dropped the second installment of his saga: ‘Chapter Two’.

Via the Meridian Lines label, ‘Chapter Two’ is an eight minute EP with only two tracks, ‘One Mode’ and ‘The Vault’. The latter has a laser-influenced top line that intrigues you and keeps you hooked until the very end, along with a vivacious bass line. ‘One Mode’ on the other hand quickly builds into a crunchy synth and killer bass filled track that’s sure to keep you enthused at a rave. You can hear the influence Gesaffelstein has had upon the producer, with tinges of artists like Boys Noize and Phuture Doom as well. While I haven’t decided which track is my favorite off the EP, one thing is for certain, Howwler has piqued the curiosity of this music writer, and hopefully yours as well. Next to nothing is known about the person going under the ‘Howwler’ guise, and without an identity his music is therefore unobscured. Though the controversy as to just who this artist is does distract from the ominous tracks.

We should assume the identity of Howwler is that of a male, seeing all press releases use “he” as a pronoun. That should in no way limit the possibility that the anonymous producer is in fact a female, but it’s a hint that we should at least narrow down our speculating to a specific gender. Surely his (?) identity can’t remain hidden forever, and there’s been whispers towards live sets in the late spring. We’ll see what 2018 has in store for Howwler.

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