What Your Footwear Says About Your Personality

By guest contributor Peter Minkoff

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Picture this situation – you’re out shopping with a friend and they see a pair of shoes, pull you to them and say ‘oh my god, these are so YOU!’ Does this scenario ring a bell? Believe it or not, your choice of both clothes, but footwear, in particular, tells a lot more about you than you may think, and perhaps even you would be surprised by some of the underlying inner qualities that are revealed through your outfit choices. We’re well aware that our sense of style is to a great extent a reflection of our personality, but few of us know just how spot-on other people’s perceptions of us can be, and based solely on what is happening south of the ankles. In fact, a study conducted at the University of Kansas and Wellesley College came to a conclusion that people can estimate one’s personality traits, political stance, socio-economic status and much more just by looking at their shoes. Pretty powerful, isn’t it? We know you’re intrigued, so we won’t keep you in suspense any further. Stay tuned and find out what kind of story your shoes will tell unveil.

Que sera, sera

Image Credit: Pete Belli

If your go-to shoes are ankle boots with a mid block heel, you may think that people will see you as someone casually stylish, someone who is fashion-forward without compromising comfort and someone who is generally always on the go. However, what you’re probably unaware of is that, as a person, you are most likely the kind of girl who doesn’t take life too seriously. The kind of girl who just goes with the flow and isn’t overly concerned with things she has no control over. What is destined to happen will happen, and you refuse to cry over spilled milk. You also don’t make definitive plans and often act on a whim. Whether it’s falling in love quickly, buying a last minute ticket to a festival in another country – you don’t over think life, you live it and embrace both the good and the bad.

All aboard the athleisure trend

Image Credit: Peter Minkoff

When you’re the type of girl whose friends have never seen you in anything but sneakers, you have a very interesting backstory. If for instance, you have a soft spot for New Balance sneakers, the first thing one might conclude is that you are a practical person who loves all things retro. You like everything that has a history, a story behind it. You’re also a person who is always full of inexplicable amounts of energy and people could swear they saw you in two places at the same time. You’re stylish, there’s no doubt about it, but there is no way you would put looks over comfort. You feel like if you take a break, you’ll miss out on something big, and you’re not a fan of sleeping in – who has time for that when there’s so much life to live?

Just slide in

Image Credit: Bert Ferranco

Once shunt, slides have definitely made their way to the top and are now worn not just around the house or for running errands, but as a real fashion statement. However, what they’re, as well as loafers, are secretly telling people behind your back is that you are incredibly extroverted. Some people may like keeping their personal and office life separate, but not you. You will tell stories about your life, make your coworkers your friends. You’re laid back and have few if any secrets and people love you for it. Your immediacy makes people feel at ease and you’re probably the go-to girl for dozens of people who come rushing to you with a number of problems because aside from being warm and approachable, you’re also practical and seem to have a solution to everyone’s problems.

Beam me up Scotty

Image Credit: Kris Atomic

There is a certain type of women (whom we often envy) who are able to walk and even run in stilettos like it’s no big deal. If you’re this girl, first, a question – how do you do it? Now that that’s out of the way, let’s see what your sky-high shoes have to say about you. You like to be perceived as serious, and someone who has it all figured out. While the second part may well be true, chances are that behind all that sleek seriousness hides a huge child who is all about joking around and being a true goofball. You can partake in the most serious intellectual conversations and are probably highly educated but that won’t stop you from sending your friends snaps of you rolling your eyes at all the ‘poshness’ you’re surrounded by. You’re actually the full package, a chameleon of the sort and you don’t only possess the ability to stand firm on those impossibly high heels but nurture a healthy balance in life in general.

About Peter: Peter is a men’s fashion writer at Twisted Male Mag, living between Brisbane and London. Besides writing he worked as a menswear fashion stylist for many fashion events around UK & Europe. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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