Vita Liberata: Your Winter Tan Solution


The holiday season is here, but the weather in the Northeastern United States is feeling like Spring. Unfortunately, winter is around the corner, but that does not mean you can’t work on your tan. Yes, we would all love a vacation to the Bahamas, but when you cannot take that trip, you can try a sunless tanner.

Vita Liberata is a leader in the sunless tanning world, using natural and certified organic ingredients in their products. Their sunless tanning products come in a variety of formulas including mousse, oil, and lotion and are free of parabens and perfumes. According to their website, the products are filled with pure ingredients, and it is the world’s first completely non-toxic tanning brand. Additionally, you can find these award-winning products at your local Ulta or Sephora. (See for more details.)

If you have never used a sunless or self-tanner, the steps are relatively straightforward.

1) Exfoliate. Before applying any sunless or self-tanner, make sure you exfoliate from head to toe. Since the product is absorbed into your skin, you want to make sure that any dead skin cells are removed before application.

2) Dry off. Make sure your skin is completely cool and dry and avoid sweating, if possible.

3) Pick your product. With so many options to choose from, make sure you find a product that suits your needs and lifestyle. Vita Liberata offers products for an instant tan, but also products that last for up to two weeks.

4) Application. When using the product, make sure that you apply the product to sections (legs, arms, etc.), starting at the ankles using circular motions, massaging the product into the skin. Clean your hands as necessary in between applications. You can also wear disposable gloves if preferred.

5) Time. Once applied, wait about 20 minutes before getting dressed to ensure that the product is dry so that the product does not transfer onto your clothes. It may also be a good idea to wear loose clothing that you don’t mind getting dirty, in the event the product does transfer.

Sunless or self-tanners are a fantastic option for tanning in the sun or using tanning beds. It can give you a beautiful, healthy glow without damaging your skin. Even though the cold weather may deter you from going outside, you can still enjoy a tan during the winter months.

Susan Carabello


Susan Carabello is a makeup artist from the Philadelphia area. Her experience includes Runway, Editorial, Bridal and more.

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