THIS Toothbrush: A natural toothbrush alternative

There is nothing like the tingle of clean teeth or the fresh breath feeling you get when you just brush your teeth. It is refreshing, admit it. Toothpaste and toothbrushes come in all shapes and sizes and address the needs of a variety of people. Whether it is minty fresh breath, bleeding gums or just whiter teeth, there is a brush and a paste made for you. Well, what if there was an alternative to the traditional toothbrush? Meet THIS Toothbrush.



THIS Toothbrush is the brain-child of Leen Sadder, a design student from New York’s School of Visual Arts. She developed a prototype for a class she was taking after researching the history of oral care. During her research, she learned of the benefits of miswak, which is derived from the Salvadora Persica or Arak tree. Miswak is a tooth cleaning twig that may be used as efficiently as a natural toothbrush and can help fight bad breath, kill bacteria and may control plaque formation. Miswak has been used for centuries in the Middle East, Southeast Asia as well as other countries, and it is 100% biodegradable, doesn’t require water (or toothpaste) for brushing, and new bristles are used with each brushing. (See



After the prototype was featured on blogs and online publications, Leen Sadder decided to pursue her project further and the first product, The Cutter Case, was born. The Cutter Case Starter Kit includes everything you need to use the Miswak adequately such as two miswaks, an instruction guide and a cutter case, which is used to trim the miswak and reveal bristles used for brushing and store the item between uses. The online shop includes the cutter case kits along with refills and monthly subscriptions.

This product is a wonderful alternative to the traditional toothbrush, and in 2008, the World Health Organization indicated that miswak could be used as a healthy alternative to conventional toothbrushes. You can also learn more about the benefits of miswak as well as how to properly use the product on their website at



Susan Carabello


Susan Carabello is a makeup artist from the Philadelphia area. Her experience includes Runway, Editorial, Bridal and more.

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