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MadeFAIR is a booming fashion
boutique that partners with ethical
fashion labels from around the world
bringing pellucidity and responsibility
to the global marketplace. They carry
contemporary Fair Trade, sustainable,
and eco-friendly clothing and accessories
from some of the best ethical



Ethical Market
After viewing the documentary
The True Cost, founder of Ethical
Market, Raquel Wallace, was
inspired and decided to alter her existing online marketplace (for
fashion, homewares, and gifts) to only sell ethically-made products.
The Ethical Market is now the UK’s largest ethical marketplace,
listing over 4,000 ethically made products from over 200 sellers.



Ethos Collection

We love the fact that Ethos
Collection invests 3% of their
revenue with Kiva, a non-profit
organization providing loans to
people without access to traditional
banking systems. Stay tuned for
their ethically-sourced, sustainable,
purpose-driven gift boxes for the



The Little Market

The Little Market empowers women
artisans to rise above poverty. Every
purchase from The Little Market
generates meaningful income for the
artisans and their families. The online
marketplace sells striking products
handmade by artisans around the world.



Ten Thousand Villages

Ten Thousand Villages has been a creator
of the Fair Trade movement for over 70 years.
They have been positioning the groundwork
for sustainable change in over 30 developing
countries by providing a space for people
to take responsibility for their own lives and
build something for themselves.
The communities in the developing world design
their crafts with local, natural or recycled












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