Eva McKimm – Tosspot Clay Studio Mugs

We all have our favorite mug. If it’s not in the cupboard, you frown and
look for it in the dish rack; it doesn’t seem like a big deal until you can’t
locate it. This handmade porcelain crockery is wheel-thrown using water from Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, Canada, where Tosspot is located.
These vessels sit so comfortably in your hands you don’t want to put them down. It keeps your coffee and tea cozily warm, and your cold beer crisp.
Light-hearted, simple and fun. $25
Etsy shop:
Squareup shop:


The Green Life ~ Absorbent Ceramic Coasters

These feature Classic Pink Flamingo Graphics on a Navy Background.
Retro-Inspired set of 4 coasters; 4 1/4″ diameter; 3/8″ thick.
*Soft rubber backing to protect furniture*
Proudly manufactured, printed and shipped in the USA, this will enhance the look and feel of your décor. These vibrant pink flamingos and bright tropical Moana Loa flowers can add a touch of fun, post-modern flair to any decor. The coasters are kiln-fired after digital printing to retain the vibrancy and color of the original artwork. Any stains or discolorations can be easily removed with a solution of common household ingredients
of water, baking soda, and hydrogen peroxide. Price $45.


Blue Patch ~ Fable & Base Woodland Fabric Cushion
Fable & Base takes a slower approach to textile production, embracing pattern, shapes, and colors while discovering their local heritage and surrounding landscapes
to create cloth that tells a story. Local traditions are celebrated, raising awareness of their provenance. Materials are carefully sourced, hand-printed and made locally. Low toxic, eco-friendly dyes are used to print patterns onto natural materials such as linen, hemp and organic cotton. Based in Whitstable, UK.
Member of Blue Patch.
£75 per meter


The Blue Patch ~ Lee Borthwick ~ Square Mirror Tapestry
London-based Scottish artist Lee Borthwick combines ethically sourced natural materials to harness the peace and serenity of nature. Each piece is unique, crafted from
hundreds of precision cut mirrors and fragments of sustainably sourced tree branches. Member of Blue Patch.
Square Mirror Tapestry, POA / Weeping Willow Hanging (not shown), £1900


The Green Life ~ Africana Towel
It’s a top of the line yoga towel, it’s your beach towel, it’s your pool towel, and it’s
a pack towel when you go camping or travel. We’ve designed this product to be
versatile without sacrificing performance, so you can own less and do more. Made
from 100% recycled material (80% polyester / 20% nylon) this is a perfect size (27.5″x72.5″) and is super absorbent, quick drying and reversible.
It is also anti-microbial, durable and lightweight so you can take it anywhere. Price: $55



Imagine Goods ~ ReImagine Pennant
“The Most Beautiful Thing in the World”

For me, the most beautiful thing in the world is the people.” Jasmine, a child survivor of trafficking, said those words. Inspiring, huh? We think so, too. Made from upcycled pants, discarded yarn, and chopsticks, these are sustainable goods at their finest —creating opportunity for the women who made them (also survivors), caring for the earth by recycling what others disposed of, and supporting the mission of Love146 to end child trafficking & exploitation.
It’s also seriously the cutest thing you can hang on your studio wall.
Price: $18


Blue Patch ~ Hokolo Blanket
Woven Lambswool blanket – Blueberry pattern, London -based design-led brand Hokolo offers homeware and furniture inspired by the mid-century aesthetics as well as founder Jen Taylor’s architectural background. She combines the bold colors and rich pigments of eastern design with the contemporary clean lines of the modern aesthetic. Her products feature striking prints and patterns composed of everyday objects, graphics in nature with a quirky twist, drawing on quintessential and much loved British themes. Member of Blue Patch.
Price: £150


Shprixieland Studios ~ Rainbow Cheese Board
Serve fine cheeses and charcuterie in style on this handmade porcelain cheese board.
Super-Fun Functional Art in Clay by Shpriken and Pixie, powered by LOVE and BIG dreams!
Price: $125

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