Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery Service Review

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Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery Service Review
Berry Chia Pudding - Vegan Dessert

Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery Service Review
Vegan Lemon Spinach Saffron Rice

Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery Service Review
Chocolate Almond Cookie

Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery Service Review
Savory Veggie Vegan Stir Fry & Brown Rice

Fresh N’ Lean Meal Delivery Service Review


I was so excited when Fresh N’ Lean, a 100% organic meal delivery service offered to send me a free trial of their plant-based meals.  It was an easy yes 🙂 Their meals are completely unprocessed with an emphasis on plant-based cuisine.  I received the meals in an insulated box to my doorstep.  All I had to do was throw them in the fridge until ready to eat!  The meal prep was simple.  All I did was remove the plastic cover, toss the food into a pan, and recycle the container.  Quick, nutritious, and so delicious, I would 100% recommend using this service.

“Healthy Meals Delivered To Your Doorstep”

When you read Fresh N’ Lean’s nutritional labels, you know exactly what you’re eating. Their ingredients are 100% organic, unprocessed, and a great fit for anyone trying to “eat clean”.  They use olive oil, sea salt, spices, and whole foods like veggies, nuts, seeds, grains, etc. as the main ingredients in their plant-based meals. The oil is used tastefully, and the meals are by no means greasy or oily.  Their tasteful use of high-quality oils doesn’t leave you feeling heavy after eating a serving of french fries might.  After meals, I felt energized, clear-headed, and ready to go for the rest of the day.

This service is popular among athletes and celebrities, and understandably so, for its high-quality ingredients and delicious health-conscious recipes.

Here’s an example of the ingredients they use in their meals.

These are the ingredients in their vegan quinoa pilaf:



My Review

It took me about a week to consume all the meals Fresh N’ Lean sent me.  I had one a day along with my other typical meals in a week-  salads, soups, smoothies, rice bowls, etc.  My family would sneak a bite, and we would just nod at each other happily with mouth-fulls of food, telepathically saying “yep…this is good…this is really good.”  My energy levels were steady all week- this is the beauty of their starch-based meals.  The complex carbs provide slow-release energy that doesn’t leave you feeling sluggish. The carbs from vegetables and whole grains don’t spike your blood sugar like simple sugars. My skin was clear all week, and I had no new breakouts.  I can credit this to an organic, whole food, plant-based diet.  These meals worked so well with my typical week of eating, as the ingredients are 100% organic and unprocessed.

All the meals they sent (from top to bottom, left to right): Hearty Granola, BBQ Lentil Loaf Delight, Italian Mushroom Potato Cake, Tomato Basil Mushroom Pasta, Spiced French Lentils, & Brown Rice Gumbo


My favorite meal was the mushroom potato cake, which was surprising because I normally hate mushrooms! Their hearty granola was delicious, crunchy, and so filling.  I added some soymilk, berries, and banana for a quick, satisfying breakfast.

Fresh N’ Lean has meals suitable for every taste.  They have many delicious plant-based, paleo, and gluten-free options, as well as many others.

In conclusion, if you need quick, healthy, filling meals delivered to your door, Fresh N’ Lean Meal Service is for you. Throw them in the fridge or freezer, and heat them up within minutes when ready for a nutritious, delicious meal.  5/5 stars for this thoughtful company-  I would definitely use again. This is such a great service if you don’t have time for meal prep, as all the ingredients are fresh and healthy.  Give it a try if you have a little extra cash and are short on time, or just want some yummy, healthy food delivered to your doorstep.




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