7 Tips for Storing Your Out-Of-Season Clothes

By Contributing writer Rachel Jackson

Storing your out-of-season clothes somewhere out of the way frees up lots of space in your wardrobe. This, in turn, makes choosing what to wear that bit easier. With a new season on the way, here are seven tips for storing your out-of-season clothes:

Don’t Be Too Hasty

Don’t put all your winter clothes into storage on the first slightly sunny day of the year. The weather always has a way of surprising us so it’s always best to err on the side of caution when making your out-of-season clothes less accessible. If you do want to get rid of your heavier winter clothes come spring, keep a few warmer layers in your wardrobe just in case the weather does something unseasonal.

Clean Everything

You should never put worn clothes into storage. Stains can get worse over time and perfume and traces of food are likely to attract moths. To get your clothes out of storage stain and hole free, wash and dry everything thoroughly before putting it away.

Use Moth Repellents

A good moth repellent will prevent your clothes from developing those little tiny holes moths are so fond of making. Traditional moth repellents can be poisonous to people and pets so if you have children or animals at home, it may be best to avoid them. Instead, opt for natural and fragrant options such as cedar wood or lavender. They work just as well and don’t pose any danger.

Store In the Right Containers

The plastic bags you get from dry cleaners aren’t suitable for storing your clothes long term. They can help to trap moisture, which can discolor fabrics. Sealed storage bags or boxes are your best bet. If you’re storing your clothes in plastic boxes, leave enough space for the air to circulate. And if you have delicate items, particularly those made from silk, invest in some cotton clothing bags to keep them extra protected.

Be Careful When Hanging

If you have a spare wardrobe in which to leave all of your out-of-season clothes, don’t be tempted to hang everything up. Heavier items like knitwear can easily become misshapen if they’re left on a hanger for too long. They’re best left loosely folded and stacked. And if you do have to hang your clothing, be sure to use all of the available hanging loops.

Find the Right Storage Space

The place you store your clothes should be clean, cool, dark and dry. Heat and damp can encourage mildew and insects whilst too bright an environment can fade the color of your clothes. A temperature controlled loft space or cellar may be just the ticket. And if you don’t have an appropriate space at home, try a community sharing site like Spacer to find the perfect storage solution.

Get Organized

The seasonal shake-up of your wardrobe is a great opportunity to get organized in the clothing department. If you find yourself storing items that you haven’t worn for a good few years, now could be the time to give your unused garments a better home. Take your forgotten clothes to a charity shop or make a little money selling them on eBay. That way, next season you’ll have a little extra space for something new.

Moving out-of-season clothes out of your wardrobe is a strangely cathartic process. Getting organized, freeing up space and preserving your clothes for the next time appropriate season rolls by can make you feel very in control of life! Be sure to store your clothes correctly and you’ll get them out of storage looking just as good as when you put them in.

Rachel is a mother of 2 beautiful boys. She loves to hike and write about traveling, education, and business. She is a Senior Content Manager at NYBizDb and BizDb.co.nz – an online resource for relevant business information.


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