Luxury Vanities to Splurge On

Behind every makeup lover is a dirty, messy, vanity, that is constantly being trampled by bits of powder, large brushes, and a never-ending array of palettes, mascara tubes, and lipsticks. All too often a vanity of any makeup fanatic will look disastrous after a large party or event, for which one must look stunning for. However, must these vanities face such disorder and uncleanliness? If you were to have a most luxurious, expensive vanity, would it be treated better than the cheaper, less attractive one? I think yes. It’s time to invest in a new vanity that is luxurious and up to par with all of the fancy skincare and makeup products one might have. It’s time to buy something for yourself, perhaps in lieu of the holiday season, perhaps as just a fun splurge. A luxury vanity will not only make you feel like a diva, but it will ensure that you keep it clean, seeing as you might be dropping a mighty buck on this fine piece of furniture. Here are the top luxury vanities that you simply must have, to solve the disorder of your current vanity.


Joss & Main “Claybrooks” Vanity Set

This vanity is the intersection of class, function, and beauty. The all-glass exterior makes the room more open, as opposed to rigid black wood. The 3 drawers on either side will give you enough storage to store half of a Sephora, and perhaps a few additional palettes. Plus, there’s a beautiful counter where you can place your brushes, and maybe a few pieces of decor. This set exudes elegance! Click here for the link.

Image Source: Joss&Main

Wayfair “Dune Visone” Vanity Set

This beautiful vanity set is a mix of modern and gothic style. Its deep wood drawers and velvety counter and seat make for a look of grandeur and contrast. This set is for someone who loves to pretend to live in the Victorian Era, but enjoys the comforts of modern life, such as built-in outlets. The mirror comes with a smaller magnified mirror at the top right corner, as well as LED light. This is quite the worthy investment for the long-lost Victorian queen who will charge her phone while doing her makeup. Click here for the link. 

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Bed Bath and Beyond “Donny Osmond Florence” Vanity

If you’re looking for something more classic and traditional, this is the way to go. The wood that makes up this vanity is striking and beautiful at the same time. The drawers provide ample storage, and the mirror can be used not only for makeup, but also as a full-length mirror, due to it’s size. Inspired by vintage British influences, this piece is chic and statement at the same time, and perfect to use on a daily basis. Click here for the link.

Image Source: Bed Bath & Beyond
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