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The industry has finally pushed its spotlight onto a piece that isn’t uncomfortable, versatile, and can be worn almost in every season! Loafers are just about everywhere this year, from street style to runway, these pair of shoes are definitely a must-have. Loafers first made an appearance as a men’s shoe in 1936 and have made its way through the years in various styles, especially in the women’s footwear market. The loafer, naturally being the classic office lifestyle shoe, became a love of the luxury brand, Gucci. Gucci, watching how popular the shoe became, decided to expand its designs and quality, setting the stage for the newly-designed loafers way back in 1953. It is only obvious that with just a touch of Italian luxury, the loafer will remain a classic…

As designers began working around its traditional look, loafers now have millions of styles, colors, and fits, making it almost impossible to not own a pair. We’ve put together five various styles of loafers that are guaranteed to pull together any outfit, anywhere, at any time. Click on the images to shop the pieces!

1. Platform Loafer 

Height is in these days and what better way than to spice up your average work shoe. Platforms are great alternatives to add height without those thin heels we all dread wearing!

2. Penny Loafer

These are the most basic loafer style, perfect for that added comfortability, fit-like-a-glove kinda shoe! Some feature buckles or other accessories for an added touch. They’re easy to slip on and go, looking professional and put together in under a minute.

3. Pointed Loafer

Shiny, thin and sleek. These loafers are guaranteed to add some sophistication and modernity, almost looks like a pair of pointed pumps (without the pain!) Latent coated shoes perfect for giving that extra pizzazz to any outfit.

4. Mule Loafer

These are the most popular loafer in the industry right now. They’re versatile, backless, and are designed today in so many different styles, patterns, with fur lining (faux fur of course!) etc. If you don’t want that tight, snug fit, these are perfect for you. They’re like classy slippers you can wear out!

5. Embroidered & Brocaded Mule Loafer

Modern mule loafers are now embellished with various embroideries, mostly after Gucci’s floral embroidery release, as well as other luxe brocaded prints and patterns. A little color never hurt, and can definitely spice up any look, from the office to a night out! (Patterned loafers are perfect for adding a bit of color into your wardrobe if you tend to lean towards a minimalistic color scheme!)

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