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Bleach London has been leading a revolution, first in hairdressing with its new approach to the art:  focusing on color over the cut, and now the cosmetics line.   100% vegan and cruelty-free, packaged in recycled (and recyclable materials) all designed to be a fashionistas dream product line.

One of the finest all-girl brands currently on the market in terms of fashion royalty, the founder, and creative director; Alex Brownswell, has teamed up with supermodel Georgia May Jagger and Bleach beauty director Lou Teasdale, to create a sought-after and multi-faceted company.

Each member of this trifecta of fashion is a leading light in their field and respected across the board.

So what is it that makes the brand so unique aside from its fashion heritage?

The range is designed for the eco-conscious first and foremost.  Its easily attainable, professional grade cosmetics are something to behold.

With on-trend looks and quirky names like the washed-up mermaid lip kit, it just has that millennial appeal of trendy with an affordable price tag, which allows you to stock up, change your look and ultimately experiment with makeup in a way that hasn’t been seen since the sixties flower children.  Giving this experimental, hippy chic feel a modern twist that works with the youth market they target.

A key element of this is the sleek magnetic palettes, in small and large that can be filled and customized with their range of eye-shadows, contour products and not forgetting their (no glue required) cosmetic glitter. 

In amongst this is the 14 different brushes with their metal handle and feral and of course vegan-friendly bristles alongside the latex free sponge.

All in this is a range targeting experimental, fresh and fun crowd who want to play with makeup defying the trends and creating a look versus copying it.


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