Embracing Your Natural Hair

Over the past few years, many black women have transitioned from permed hair to natural hair. The big chop method is considered to be an effective way to transition because it removes all of the permed hair and helps you start fresh. Another option is to let your natural hair grow half way and then cut the permed ends. In addition, I support the natural hair movement because not only am I natural, but women are embracing their roots. It is also your choice whether you want to consider going natural because it does take time.

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Although natural hair is beautiful, it may take months or years to grow your desired length. It is important to remember that patience is key and protective styles are vital for growth, as well as moisture. Some protective styles include box braids, cornrows, twists and updos. A perm consists of many chemicals that are damaging to the hair, which causes it to break or accumulate bald spots. This is one of the many reasons why most women decide to go natural. Everyone has their own preferences and those with permed hair who haven’t experienced any breakage or further damage, should stick to what they know best.

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If you are considering going natural, you should definitely use the right products that work well for your hair. Use a shampoo that is sulfate free and moisturizing as well as a deep conditioner to make your hair stronger and thicker. Retaining length is the key to transitioning because you want to have a healthy hair journey. Try products that work best for your hair and remember not to add too much, as this will create build up on the scalp. Whether your hair is permed or natural, it is important to keep your hair healthy by following an appropriate hair regime that will stimulate growth.

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Natural hair is very versatile because you can create many styles with it. We all have different curl patterns that are loose and some are very coarse, this is what makes natural hair so unique and beautiful. If you are thinking about going natural, I encourage you to consider doing so.

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Zayna is an aspiring journalist and wellness advocate. She has been published in multiple magazines and respects the TPM approach to a more well rounded sense of Self. She is passionate about whole food nutrition, health, fitness and self care and is studying to be a holistic wellness coach.

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