“The Bigger One”: A Trip to Majorca, Spain

Beneath the white sun, the Mediterranean Sea glistens like liquid sapphire. Like a living breathing thing, it ebbs and flows against the powdery white sands of the island as though caressing it. Amidst the hazy mountains and cliffs crowned with green shrubs, all that can be felt is peace; all that can be heard, tranquility. I curl my toes into the wet sand, relishing its gentle crunch. In the distance, I hear human voices, indecipherable and waiting to pull me back to reality. However, in these minutes soon shaved to only seconds, time stands still. I breathe in; I breathe out. This is Majorca, Spain.

Like a runaway, the island separated from the main body of Spain long ago, vacationing from the trials and tribulations of Spanish history. Within the constellation of Balearic Islands, Majorca was the biggest and brightest, attributing to its name which literally means “the bigger one.” Though this ancient land has been bartered with many great civilizations, from the Phoenicians to the Romans, Majorca and the rest of the Balearic Islands became a Spanish autonomous community in 1983. The capital of the island is Palma, a city known for its vibrant nightlife and endless shopping opportunities. Because of its numerous restaurants, shops, and resorts, Majorca is an ideal vacation destination, especially for those from the U.K. and Germany.  

Majorca shores photographed by Paige Gilmar

After a trying sixteen-hour journey with one missed connection and a three-hour layover, I reached the shores of Majorca yearning for rest and relaxation. A wedding guest for a ceremony of my extended family members, I received a complimentary stay at Iberostar Hotels and Resort. As my weary feet fell upon the pavement, a throng of hotel staff members with smiling faces and glimmering name cards came to my aid. Within seconds, my bags were taken to my room, and I was free to explore the resort’s playground of bars and restaurants. However, lacking little more than an hour’s rest in 48 hours, I chose to spend the next 12 hours exploring the sheets of my hotel bed.

Ibero Star Hotels and Resort photographed by Iberostar

When I finally awoke, I decided to quell my greedy appetite before traversing the expanse of the island. Iberostar had three restaurants and a multitude of bars, allowing for any picky palate (especially mine) to be satisfied. From Mediterranean to Mexican, the Iberostar restaurants provided endless options for wining and dining. Though the food was not five-star restaurant quality, its customer service most definitely made up for it.

With infinite swimming pools, nightly shows, a club, and a beach, I found there was little need to set foot outside of resort property. However, wanting to make the most out of a thousand dollar trip, I did venture to see much of the magic of Majorca. One of the most particularly striking excursions was to the Campanet Caves. Hundreds of feet below the hotels and resorts of Majorca, breathtaking prehistoric architecture stood. Stalagmites and stalactites formed one-of-a-kind images that made you put down your iPhone and simply behold the beauty of mother nature. With a brief light show arranged to the elegance of Italian opera, the Campanet Caves is one of Majorca’s natural landmarks that should not be missed.

Hot air balloon ride photographed by Paige Gilmar

After exploring nearby towns for local shopping like Porto Cristo, my trip was concluded with a hot air balloon ride that soared across this simple, gorgeous island. Though expensive, the price of the excursion was well worth it as you explore the island among the clouds with a friendly tour guide who educates you on the history, cities, and culture of the island. I experienced the fun and fear of being in a hot air balloon, flying thousands of miles above the shore like the albatross I often overheard on the Majorcan beaches. The trip concluded with the tour guide splashing champagne on my head in a semi-christening of your courage.

As I stood huddled between strangers in a basket held by a balloon, I watched the horizon, awaiting a rising sun. So just as the amber sun rose to greet a new day, I concluded my adventures and misadventures of Majorca, Spain.


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