Make Up Artist: Vlada Haggerty

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Vlada Haggerty, also known as Vladamua, is a 32 year old professional make up artist and hair stylist who is very creative with her work. She is a Smashbox Cosmetics lip Editor In Chief and creates bold and bright looks that are unique. Vlada is based in Los Angeles, CA and was born and raised in Kyriv, Ukraine. She moved to the United States in 2013. She does make up and hair on models for TV and music videos and photography for make up brands such as Pat McGrath, Cover Girl, Tattoo Junkie Cosmetics and many more. She also creates fun lip art for Smashbox Cosmetics. Her patterns, glitters and lip colors create a beautiful imagery that are breath taking.

One of my favorite looks that Vlada created was the look inspired by the Legendary artist, Vincent Van Gogh. I love this look because it is the exact same replica of the painting “The Starry Night,” which is an oil on canvas and it depicts the view from the east facing window of Gogh’s asylum room, located at Saint-Remy-de-Provence. This is one of the most popular paintings in history since June 1889 and Vlada did an amazing job creating every single detail. She used the same colors and was very precise with how she drew the lines. In this lip art, she used Smashbox Cosmetics “Be Legendary Liquid Metal” in Iced Out for the bottom lip and “Wolfe Face Art” paint for the top lip.

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Many people loved this work and was inspired by it. Vlada did a great job and I can tell that she really took her time with this look.

Vlada is well known for the dripping, drenched effect that she uses to create her lip looks. Her technique is to use Mehron metallic pigment and inexpensive lipgloss. “I use excessive amounts just to make that super-liquid metal look,” she says. She believes that it is all about timing and taking the perfect picture.

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Vlada is unique, creative and inspiring. She is a make up artist who loves what she does and she continues to grow and share new looks to the world.

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