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Sitting as a cult brand and maintaining it is an extremely difficult prospect in the social media age, yet Zoeva has done it. Falling in the mid-price range of cosmetics, they have been an incredibly savvy brand taking both professionals and bloggers on board. They have found their way into the media make up schools and working kits of a variety of artists across the globe.

Most people know them for their vast array of makeup brushes, cruelty free and a full line of vegan brushes, with the varied handles and ferrules to make even the choosiest amongst us look twice.

The accessories are only a small part of the business, but the with the widest range of brushes and one of the lowest price points to appeal to the consumers and pros alike, they have grabbed attention.

With the makeup line they have been extremely smart sticking to their ethical roots and holding firm with a range that is both stable and trend driven at the same time, a trick that can be difficult to pull off in todays climate.

Although they do not (as yet) have a foundation range, the selection of palettes and single items is strong enough that you forgive this as nothing more than an oversight.

Stand outs in the range include the blush palette and the eyeshadows.  Although they are adding new collections, it seems to be a more permanent thing rather than limited editions that are a flash in the pan concept that appear and disappear as the trends and wind changes. Instead,  they have a solid range that covers a range of areas and tastes; eyebrow palette, stobe cream and powder, contour palette and a wide range of soft shimmers.

Everything is beautifully packaged and looks expensive, yet you can buy into the range with a single brush from the eye range for as little as £7.50, and snap up a nice little set of 4 blushers from £15.  So not expensive and certainly attainable on a budget.

It should be noted, as well as a being a beauty brand that is ethical, they also support domestic abuse charities and cancer research.  In effect, they are a womans brand supporting women in beauty and life.

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