YouTube Makeup Guru: Tati Westbrook

Social media platforms such as Vine and Kik have come and gone, disappearing and reappearing over time. Some would be popular for a short time and vanish, others would be famous and slowly fizzle out. YouTube, however, has not. The video-sharing site was born in 2005, and still is the most popular platform for videos on the Internet. Almost any tutorial, song, or movie clip can be found on YouTube. The website is also great for learning more about makeup. Makeup gurus sprung from YouTube as soon as it started, gaining followers quickly with each new tutorial. Today, many YouTubers that do makeup post a variety of videos- from hauls, to reviews, to get-the-look videos. One such YouTuber is Tati Westbrook.

Image Source: YouTube

If there’s anything you want to know about makeup or products, Tati is your gal. Before she became a YouTube star, she was a Hollywood makeup artist and stylist who also worked as an image consultant. She posts regularly, with a variety of weekly and daily videos. Most of them contain some type of review- she’ll buy expensive, weird, or funny products, test them out, and give her honest reviews. Although it sounds a little exciting, her voice is very calming, and the backgrounds in her videos are always chic and beautiful. Sometimes her videos are useful when you’re needing a review on makeup, and other times it’s just interesting to hear what she has to say about a $5000 face mask. She also does collaborations with other YouTube sensations such as Jeffree Star.

             Image Source: YouTube

If you’re a makeup fanatic, or just want some helpful reviews or tutorials, Tati’s channel is perfect for you. Her variety of videos are sure to entertain anyone, and she posts almost every day, so there’ll always be a video for you!

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