Review On Milan Fashion Week

Milan fashion week is here and this is the time where models rip the runway in their exotic outfits and makeup. These are a few photos that are my favorite from the show and these styles were very unique.

When I saw this style, it really caught my attention because my favorite color is blue and I noticed the soda can roll on her hair. This reminded me of Lady Gaga’s style in her “Telephone” music video. The makeup stands out because her eyebrows are filled in with a black pencil on top of her natural blonde eyebrows. Her blue hair goes well with her outfit and eyelashes. The blue mascara makes her eyes pop and complements her outfit. I also like the freckles on her face and the light blush on her cheeks. What makes this look very natural is that she isn’t wearing any jewelry.

Image credit: Jørn Vargas

This look is also one of my favorites because I love the grey hair and it goes well with her skin tone. The choice of flowers is perfect because it matches with her outfit. Her makeup is neutral which is great because her hair makes everything stand out. I like the soft blush and her long eyelashes. Her eyebrows are also sharp.

Image credit: Jørn Vargas

These last two looks are beautiful and the eyeshadow stands out. I noticed that both of these models have short haircuts which makes their makeup more visible. The solid eyeshadow color is the only technique that was used to create this look, which makes it a bold piece. I really like their natural eyebrows and the minimal amount of makeup. They aren’t wearing any lipstick, lipgloss, mascara or eyeliner. This look is one of my favorites because it can be worn with any outfit, dressed up or down.

Image credit: Jørn Vargas
Image credit: Jørn Vargas

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