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Rihanna’s new Fenty Beauty cosmetic line has reached the top of the charts. Many people rave about this product because it is for all skin tones that range from very light to a deep shade. Rihanna wants everyone to feel beautiful with this line. Becca Cosmetics is another brand that is suitable for all skin types. The eyeshadows in this line are very rich and pigmented that will result in a natural glow.

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Fenty Beauty was released on September 8, 2017, and it was reviewed by many YouTube stars who absolutely loved this line. Fenty Beauty is well known for its Pro Filt’r Foundation and Match Stix highlighters. As I went into Sephora and looked at these products, I noticed that the foundation was very pigmented, yet lightweight. I love that there are many different options to choose from because there are numerous amount of shades. The foundation will be able to cover any blemishes that you may have and it is suitable for women with oily skin because it is matte. The Match Stix highlighters are pigmented and will make your skin appear flawless. The Match Stix Trio includes a concealer, a contour and a highlight which is perfect for completing your makeup look. The Gloss Bomb is a lip gloss that has shimmer and a neutral color. This lip gloss goes well with any makeup look and is perfect for any skin color.

On November 2017, Rihanna is releasing a color collection that includes eyeshadow, color lipgloss, and lipsticks.

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Becca Cosmetics is a famous line with amazing products that are also great for all skin tones. The Shimmering Skin Perfector is very pigmented and gives a nice youthful glow. I love how this highlighter includes neutral colors in the container because it will fit well with any type of makeup look. The liquid crystal glow gloss is very shiny and it ranges from different colors such as clear, pink, orange, brown and purple. These glosses are similar to Fenty Beauty because it has both shimmer and color. The Ultimate Coverage Foundation provides full coverage and it is very pigmented as well. The colors range from light to deep just like Fenty Beauty and come with a matte foundation. The eyeshadow palettes in this line are very rich in color. My favorite palette is the Ombre Rouge Eye Palette because it is neutral and these are colors that anyone can wear every day.

Fenty Beauty and Becca Cosmetics are both amazing brands that are meant for all skin tones. After reviewing these products, I realized that they are very similar because they both include matte foundations and shimmer lip gloss. These products are very popular due to the way that these products were made and the shades that were used.

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