Make Up Brands For All Skin Tones

In the beauty industry, there are only a few brands that create products with darker shades. Some of these brands include Jay Manual Beauty, Iman Cosmetics and Fashion Fair. These collections has gained popularity due to the diverse amount of shades, ranging from light to deep. The deeper shades suit well for women with a more darker complexion, adding radiance and a youthful glow.

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Jay Manual Beauty is a famous make up line designed for all skin tones. Jay created a filter finish collection with three filters including a soft focus filter, an illuminating filter and a sunlight filter. This collection is great because it gives women the option to wear a more natural look or an intense look. The powder to cream foundation is very lightweight and it covers any blemishes on the face. This foundation is different from liquid foundation because it creates a more soft and natural finish. The ultimate lipstick collection includes nude, purple, orange, red and pink colors completed with a lip pencil which is also suitable for darker complexions. In this make up brand, Jay wants women to feel empowered and to realize their self image.

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Iman Cosmetics also caters to darker skin complexions. In this line, there is a BB creme that provides you with a smooth and even skin tone. The shades run from sand light to earth deep which is great for women who are more melanin. Also, a BB creme is different from foundation because it is not as heavy and it gives a more light finish. The eyeshadow kits contain neutral colors that would look great on all skin tones. Women can create a different eye look such as a smokey eye or a neutral look. Iman’s new matte lipsticks include red, brown, and purple shades. Matte lipsticks create a flawless finish and it is a statement piece that every girl should have. Iman’s new moisturizing lipsticks include more additional colors. These lipsticks were created to add hydration, nourishment and full protection to your lips. Iman Cosmetics is a popular line that is affordable.

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Fashion Fair created a cream to powder foundation that is oil free. This product is great for women with oily skin because it won’t clog your pores and it will create a perfect finish. These foundation colors range from honey to pure brown, which is the darkest shade. It is talc free, includes SPF 12 sunscreen, fragrance free and creates a matte finish. Their fast finish foundation stick is another alternative for women who love to apply their foundation on quickly. The darkest shade is called “teak” and it is a deep chocolate brown with a red undertone. This is perfect for melanin complexions because the brown and chocolate colors each have a different undertone. This formula is easy to blend and smooths away minor imperfections. It also ranges from light to medium coverage and features vitamin C, vitamin E, it is oil free and it is a multi purpose usage.

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It is amazing how many make up brands are embracing deeper skin complexions because it is usually hard to find foundation for women of color. These make up companies are gaining popularity because of the diversity in their collections and the various amount of shade colors ranging from light to deep.

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