How to Bring Light and Life into Your Home

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You need to be able to relax in your home, and to do this you need a clutter-free and minimalist style that shows how clean and airy your home is. When your rooms are too dark and dingy, it can make you feel like a plant that’s unable to photosynthesize, it can highlight and trap odors, and it can leave some of the beautifully coordinated parts of your house in its shadow. Many people are striving for the kind of décor that says no to spiders and yes to sunlight, and here are some of the best ways to achieve this effect.


These are your first port of call. Don’t have too many cabinets and cases near your windows blocking the light off from the corners of your rooms – you should remove as much clutter as you can from your windowsills and the areas near your windows to allow as much natural light into the room as you can. It’s always an option to get some more windows fitted if the light is a serious problem for your home, and they don’t always have to go into your kitchen and parlor. Brighten up a dingy staircase or a gloomy bedroom with either extra windows or new windows with fewer light-blocking panels.


Dark rooms feel messy; just think of the difference a privacy glass door could make to your porch. This should be an open and welcoming room, not the entrance to the dungeon. It’s also a popular storage space for shoes and outdoor equipment, so more light could also reduce the likelihood that your guests will trip up. You can also have interior doors removed or fitted with glass panels, which will allow light to travel all around your house.


Take down the mock-chandelier, the thick brass wall lights and any novelty light shades that can be seen around your house. You want lights that contribute to your minimalist style, and you also want them to make your house look open and clean – which means avoid those yellowish streetlight-style lights. Search for the most current trends on Lumens, and if you’re aiming at that clutter-free feel in your entertaining areas then pay particular attention to their aesthetically pleasing flush mount lighting collection.


One reason that many houses look dark and close is the number of internal walls. Remodeling and removing some walls could give you a more open look, and it will also give you bigger rooms. This is great if you’re sold on a minimalized style because you can space out your furniture to avoid clutter, and it’ll be easy to keep your windows clear. However, there are still options for your walls if you’re set on keeping them. You could have a feature wall fitted with a large mirror which will optically increase the size of the room, or you could think about your color scheme. If you’re halfway to having a well-lit abode, then you may get the best results painting them white or a light color. However, sometimes you can’t hold back the tide. If the minimalism is working out, but you can’t get enough light into the room to get that open and relaxed feel, then appeal to the character of the room by painting it a warming green or a rich and cozy maroon.

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