Kings For A Day – Kasabian at Terminal 5: Concert Review

One might expect grand things from a band who’s won the accolade of “Best Live Act” from Q magazine in recent years and has headlined Worthy Farms’ Glastonbury Festival, and boy, do Kasabian live up to the hype. The band from Leicester, England found themselves in Hells’ Kitchen, NYC on September 14th, in front of an almost sold-out crowd at Terminal 5 – a 3,000 capacity venue.

At an old warehouse with wrap-around balconies overhead, there was a certain grunge-y straight to business aesthetic that allowed opening act, Slaves (also from the UK) to shine. While Kasabian fans continued to find their way into the standing room only venue, the punk duo featuring singer/drummer Isaac Holman and guitarist Laurie Vincent, got concert-goers revved up. The crowds’ interest was piqued immediately with first song ‘Sockets’ while it was surprisingly the politically packed ‘Sugar Coated Bitter Truth’ that had everyone raving.

Kasabian ran onstage on-time (yes, rockers actually do that occasionally!) to the echo of applause, beating directly into ‘Ill Ray (The King)’ one of three tracks they performed from 2017’s ‘For Crying Out Loud’ LP. The band smashed through hit after hit to the delight of fans, with lead singer Tom Meighan strutting about the stage and striking poses in a skull-covered jacket. In-between the bouncy ‘Eez-eh’ and 2009’s ‘Underdog’ the indie-rockers gave us a snippet of Daft Punk’s ‘Around the World’, with Meighan staring deadpan into the crowd. Major hit ‘L.S.F. (Lost Souls Forever)’, ‘Vlad The Impaler’ and ‘Shoot The Runner’ were among the tracks performed. The most euphoric moment of the night came when guitarist extraordinaire / singer Sergio Pizzorno – who had previously joined Meighan in banter between tracks – directed the audience into mass pogoing, asking everyone to get on the floor during the last song of the night ‘Fire’, all jumping up at the same time, bringing the concert to a close with an epic mosh. Almost finished with their US tour, you can find Kasabian live – and I highly recommend it – in cities worldwide this fall.

Sarah Medeiros

Music Writer

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