True Confectionary Art: Elena Krasnova

Born and raised in Russia during a time when pastry art was not considered a career for a stable future, Elena Krasnova had graduated from two universities and had a totally different professional life in an office before turning to her true passion– pastry art.

Culinary Artist Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie
Culinary Artist Elena Krasnova of Mon Paris Patisserie, Vancouver, British Columbia

When her family moved to Vancouver, Canada, the city she now calls home and the location of her shop ‘Mon Paris Patisserie’ she was only 23, but decided after seeing a pastry competition on television that this was her calling. Always an artistic person at heart, often painting and showing her work, she realized that the world of sugar sculptures and chocolate was an art form that she was drawn to. She started with cake decorating but felt that she would be most fulfilled in learning from the masters and she moved to France to study at Ferrandie Ecole Française de Gastronomie in Paris and complete her diploma. This opened an entirely new world of techniques and a history infused with what was the foundation of the industry. She found mentors and a community of chefs that she could belong to. After completing the program she stayed for an extra year to work and gain as much experience as possible with the French masters.

Culinary Art Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie

Elena constantly is constantly learning more by travelling to different schools in North America. The Valhrona School of Brooklyn, Cacao Barry Academy in Montreal, Jean- Marie Auboine Chocolatioer in Las Vegas are on her CV and she has learned from such great chefs as Antonio Bachour, Melissa Coppel, Scott Green and Jean Michel Perruchon, owner of Paris based pastry school Bellouet Conseil. She brings her new experiences home to her patisserie to share with patrons.

Culinary Art Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie

“I consider the pastry as a four-dimensional art – you have a form and it gets completed with the taste. I always imagine the form first and then I think what will it taste like. I think it is important for the dessert to look good but even more important to taste good after. Otherwise you will be left with the taste of disappointment. I always work with the best ingredients – this is a key to a good final product. Fresh seasonal fruits and good quality chocolate that what makes a difference at the end.”

Culinary Art Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie

Elena is an avid enthusiast of both learning and teaching the art, often sharing her recipes on her Facebook page and giving classes to people so they could as well feel the joy of making something beautiful by their own hands. Her unique recipes have been published in Baking & Pastry North America magazine and LUCID dessert magazine. She is on the board of directors of the not-for-profit organization, Pastry Association of Vancouver, a newly created association with the goal of uniting the pastry community within the city and providing professional health advice and support to the pastry cooks.

Culinary Art Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie

Miss Krasnova is dedicated in her own boutique to serving high end sweets, revisited classics and best quality pastries to her customers and guarantees that a visit will always yield the most exquisite experience in confection possible.

Culinary Art Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie

Mon Paris

4396 Beresford Street
Burnaby, British Columbia


(604) 564-5665
Culinary Art Elena Krasnova Mon Paris Patisserie
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