The Mothership is calling you home

In the last few years the conversation about women being leaders, empowering one another and being boss babes has spread like wildfire throughout media outlets. They have tried other campaigns, other conferences, and marches. It is no surprise that women are continuing to challenge the status quo in every way they can find.  Founder of the Mothership Festival, Laura Wise is no exception to this movement.

Laura Wise; founded the Mothership Festival in 2014, a 100% female-driven festival and now in 2017, this festival continues to provide education, connections, and collaborations for anyone who identifies wholly or partially as a woman.  Located in Coachella Valley, Mothership is a three-day camping fest bringing nature, music, art, culture, philosophy, and feminism into its own world under the California stars.

Wise has continued to challenge herself by creating an all girls’ music line up for the 2017 festival, which includes artist such as Dirty Rich Kidd, Madame Gandhi, Halle Johnson and many other remarkable artists.  This year’s Mothership festival will surely be an experience of a lifetime, with days of incredible programs ranging from panels on Women’s Sexuality to Empowerment Mediation and Yoga and nights of music, food trucks and a community of extraordinary women.

Partnered with the Tegan and Sara Foundation, a non-profit that helps LGBTQ women and girls of all ages; Mothership aims to support all women and encourage them to celebrate their womanhood.

Photos provided by: @mothership

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