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For those who wish there was a company that could adequately combine the holistic healing properties of pure, organic botanicals with a scientific principle, your prayers have been answered. Not only that, but the luxe ethos behind the Bottega Organica brand will have you most content to leave your bottles out on your vanity for the world to see.


As the founder of the product line, Dr. Andrea Alimonti, is a world renowned geneticist, who lives on his family’s five hundred-year-old organic farms in Italy when he’s not working in New York, you can rest assured that their mantra “designed by science, made by nature” is a literal representation. The discovery that organic and natural botanicals were at the top of the list for rejuvenation and renewal, including herbs like Prawn Sage that is prevalent throughout the product range, the line of Bottega Organica products was born out of a desire to marry them with the precise knowledge that comes with scientific research. The ingredients are wildcrafted on their Italian property.


Bottega Organica Product line Luxury Skin Care Natural Organic Botanical


Our trial with a segment of the Bottega Organica line was divinely scented, refreshingly fresh and absolutely a positive experience. We were sent the Calm Facial Spray, Dark Tones Hair Mist, Cherish Face Balm, Rejuvenating Facial Scrub, and Comfort Hand Balm. Of course with the use of the botanicals you would think that the first thing we noticed was the scent, but before we even got to open the jars, we were greeted with stunning packaging. As a first impression, it was easy to distinguish the brand as a luxury product. Simple but extremely well designed, top marks always go to brands that know how to set themselves apart with their details. Instead of asking our Beauty Team to review the Bottega Organica line, I did the testing myself as I am very fussy about what I use and especially keen to use only naturally based products. Here are my findings.


Bottega Organica Rejuvenating Facial Scrub


Rejuvenating Facial Scrub: The first product up was the scrub, and I have to say that my initial impression (after ooohing and ahhing over the packaging and the scent) was more confusion than anything. I expected something gritty or at least “scrubby” feeling. Instead, it felt a bit like smoothing butter over my skin, and while there is a texture, it wasn’t gritty at all. I don’t have sensitive skin, but I have noticed that the coffee scrubs that I generally use can irritate just by way of rubbing tiny bits onto it to exfoliate. I felt that the salt in this scrub wasn’t going to do the job simply because it was so gentle, and I was a bit worried that it might leave my skin feeling greasy. There was a feeling of having product on my face when I stepped out of the shower, but I figured it would soak in and I was curious how long it would take.

About a half hour later, I touched my face (the scent lingers by the way and is lovely), and I couldn’t get over how incredibly soft my skin felt! It wasn’t just moisturized; it was exfoliated and “brand new” feeling. The term “baby’s bottom” comes to mind. I have always prided myself on having healthy skin without using toxins or chemicals, but this took the “healthy” look up a notch or two. I felt (and looked) radiant.


Bottega Organica Calm Facial Mist


Calm Facial Mist: By far my favorite product, the facial mist didn’t get used right away. I wanted to use each product on its own for a bit to see what difference it made. After the scrub’s success, I waited a few days and incorporated the mist into my (very simple) routine as the last step. I don’t wear makeup, and the mist was a wonderful way to go out into the day. The scent is definitely calming, but it could just as easily be called Fresh. I am completely in love with what it does to my skin, and it will be a permanent fixture in my bag as well during the summer. With cucumber as the main ingredient, I actually expected to like this product, but I do have a cucumber mist that I already use, and I adore it, so it had competition. However, it completely blows the other out of the water. The only downside is that I’ll most likely go through it quickly because it made me happy. I don’t have another way to put it, the scent made me feel utterly in love with the world, and it may become my new therapist. It’s like… Zen in a bottle. You know how people say “if only you could bottle that feeling”? Well, Bottega Organica has.

In addition, I did end up having my makeup done for a shoot the next week and instead of setting with rosewater as I usually do, I had the MUA use the Bottega Organica Calm Mist just to see how it did and it was excellent. So for those who do wear makeup daily that may be something to take note of.


Bottega Organica Cherish Face Balm


Cherish Face Balm: It is worth noting that with any product line, or products that are meant to be used as part of a “process” (ie cleanser, toner, moisturizer) that when you only use one product from the line – ie. only the face balm, it does not sit as nicely on the skin if you haven’t used the face scrub or cleanser first. I found I used more face balm than the first time because then I had used the scrub first. Just out of curiosity I used my own sugar scrub on my face to see if there was any difference or reaction and the balm went on much more smoothly than when I didn’t use a similar product first. Otherwise, my skin sucked the Bottega Organica product up so quickly! Again though, this product makes your skin absolutely glow and in the middle of winter it has taken any dryness that was dulling the skin away.


Bottega Organica Dark Tones Hair Mist


Dark Tones Hair Mist: I have about three feet of hair and while I have never used a hair mist on it, I did think that I was probably a good fit to see how the product worked. The thing about short hair is that the hair’s natural oils work well to keep it hydrated as a general rule because they don’t have to travel very far down the hair shaft. With longer hair the ends often get dull. I was curious what sort of a difference I would see with the mist, especially as there is both a light and dark toned option. This intrigued me as it’s a natural product. Well the shine factor immediately was apparent and after a few days I was feeling preeetty fabulous about the number of great hair days I was having. The scent is AMAZING and somehow it made my hair more manageable. My go to is to pile it all on top of my head in a messy bun to keep it out of my way, but I was definitely into wearing it down, showing it off and pulling the “hair toss” as often as I could while out getting groceries. Also a keeper.


Bottega Organica Comfort Skin Balm


Comfort Hand Balm: The only real downside to the entire trial was with the tiny pump that you get with the cream and serum bottles. It took a bit to figure out how to get the right amount. There is a bit of pucking that happens when a clump of shea butter gets stuck in the pump and you can get a teeny amount with one pump and then a ton on the next. You really have to shake it to mix the shea butter in. But I still love it and sold a few friends on it too. In fact I shared it around quite a bit because my hands don’t dry out too much, even in winter, and I wanted to really put it to the test. I had my mother test it and her aged skin absolutely drank it in but it also lasted a really long time. I also caught her smelling her hands again and again with a smile (these scents are gorgeous).


I wanted to note that I love that I can read and understand every one of the ingredients on the bottle and I knew what they were. Nothing funky! It’s wonderful to see such results with a line that also keeps their values in line with mine. If you are looking for a true daily spa retreat in your own home with luxury botanical ingredients at the ready, Bottega Organica is the right company to look into.


Andrea Bell

Managing Director

Having over twenty years in the fashion and PR industries, Andrea has covered positions as an author, editor, stylist, art director, consultant, marketing director, social media director and in various media stations in publishing. Green longer than she can remember. Updo in the clouds and feet firmly planted in a fabulously structured garden.

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