10 Differences Between American and Korean Make-Up

America is known for selling the most famous makeup brands, such as Estée Lauder, CoverGirl, MAC Cosmetics, Clinique and much more. Not only does America sell high quality brands, Korea does as well. In addition, Korean make-up has been trending over the past years, and their brands receive positive ratings. Here are the top 10 differences between American and Korean Make-up.

American vs. Korean Make-Up
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1.   Primer

Americans usually like to use a primer before their foundation to help their makeup last longer and for their skin to look flawless and smooth. Koreans love to use primers to help brighten their skin and they use a cream base instead.

2.   Foundation

American women like to use a beauty blender to apply their foundation, which helps to apply the product more smoothly. Their foundations are mostly full coverage and have a deeper undertone. Koreans like to use a BB cream as a foundation because it is more light and on the natural side. A BB cream is known to compliment your skin tone.

3.   Concealer

Other favorites American women like to us is a lighter concealer under their eyes and on their forehead to help them look more awake. This is also used to cover dark circles. Koreans keep their concealer in the center of their eyes, nose, and mouth and blend it in with a brush or beauty blender.

4.   Eyebrows

Americans usually change the shape of their eyebrows to make them look full and arched. The beginning of the brow is thicker, the middle has an arch and ends with a thin tail. Koreans like to have a straight brow and they use a pencil that is a few shades lighter than their hair color.

5.   Eyeshadow

Americans like to enhance the eyeshadow on their eyes such as the crease. They use the transition method to have a more dramatic and detailed look. They also highlight their inner corners and their brow bone. Koreans use a regular powder and they put it all over the lid. They often use red eyeshadow and use it on the outer part of the eye and blend it out. They also use a shimmery shadow under their lower lash line.

6.   Wing Eyeliner

Americans like to create a dramatic, sharp cat eye and use a black liner on their lower lash line. Koreans like to create a downward wing because it makes them look sad and emphasizes a nice doll look. They also use a white eye liner on their lower lash line to make their eyes appear bigger.

7.   Contouring

Americans use a contour on their cheeks and forehead. Koreans like to use a glow cream on their cheeks as a highlight.

8.   Blush

Americans use a soft tone blush and Koreans use a pink blush that looks more visible.

9.   Lipstick/Lipgloss

Americans usually line their lips to make it look more full and Koreans use a gradient effect and a softer lipstick or lipgloss.

10.   Bronze

Americans use a brown bronzer to make their cheekbones pop and Koreans use a softer bronzer that compliments their face shape.

Most people rely on Korean make-up, let alone skin care, to make them look younger. Makeup is known to enhance your beauty and is used all over the world, no matter what skin or face shape you may have.

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