The words ethereal, magical, and celestial come to mind when describing the stunning jewelry line that is Millie Savage. The brand’s namesake and designer, Millie Savage, is a young Australian woman who notes that her jewelry, “is known to release super powers such as turning you into a mermaid, and transporting you into another dimension”. Millie’s playful, inspiring take on her jewelry is manifested in the pieces themselves. She works mostly with Opal, creating stunning rings and earrings with the gemstone. Some of the most stand-out pieces in Millie’s line are the detailed Opal Trio Ring, the simple, yet elegant Mermaid Tail Ring, and the sublime Luna Jangle Dangle Earrings. Each of these pieces are the perfect accessories for the care-free, artistic woman.

As if Millie Savage jewelry was not already special enough, Millie ensures that every stone she uses is ethically sourced, using a direct miner-to-jeweler process. Additionally, each piece is handmade by Millie, eliminating a need for factory work and ensuring that every work is beautifully unique. Millie Savage jewelry emanates divinity and beauty, but also sets high standards for ethical and sustainable practices in the realm of accessories.

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Millie Savage | Trend Privé Magazine | Photo Credentials: Jamie Pearl

Millie Savage | Trend Privé Magazine | Photo Credentials: Jamie Pearl

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