Pixie Mood Brings Pixie Style to Eco-Fashion

Sprinkle some fairy dust over fashion it-bags and you get Pixie Mood, the cruelty-free and vegan-friendly accessories brand. Pixie combines fashion-forward trends with sustainable materials to create bestselling bags. The brand is carried at Nordstom and even offers wholesale opportunities for boutiques across the U.S.

Pixie Mood uses cork and poly-urethane (PU) in lieu of leather. PU specifically is more durable than other synthetic leathers like vinyl or PVC, and therefore has less of an environmental impact by lasting longer.

The Toronto-based brand was founded by Kelvin and Chloe Ho. After both working at IBM, the couple decided to pursue their entrepreneur spirit through the fashion world.

Chloe is the designer behind the line, with Kelvin heeding the business management front. “The most random things inspire me in design,” Chloe said, “like wallpaper or a book cover. I just take pictures and work from there.”

Founders Kelvin and Chloe Ho

Styles range from totes to cross body to cardholders to passport holders, giving customers the chance to fully embrace sustainable materials in a variety of ways. Each product has a fun twist of pattern or detail, making the style completely unique.

Pixie Mood mixes cork and vegan leather for a fresh natural look

However, all Pixie Mood pieces have one thing in common: a small monkey logo. “The little monkey we use in our branding we use because it’s our favorite animal,” Chloe said. “The monkey is just a fun and playful animal so it represents our brand.”

The couple decided to pursue alternatives to leather goods to draw awareness to animal abuse. “We see clips on Youtube and it is really disgusting how they extract skins off of animals,” Chloe said. “It repels a lot of people, so its just logical to go eco-friendly for us.”

But what exactly does eco-friendly mean to the Pixie Mood team? “Ethical fashion for us means trying out best to have a positive impact and minimize the negative footprints we have on the environment, animals, workers, and the world in general,” the Pixie Mood founders explained.

And how much more magical can that get?

Pixie Mood is available online, as well as at Nordstrom and wholesale options.


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