Summer 2017: ‘80s Nostalgia

What’s Hot? – Summer 2017: ‘80s Nostalgia

This spring of 2017, the fashion industry has taken a turn on both its new upcoming trends, and it general color palette. While nudes, black, and white will always hold a special place in our hearts, electrifying colors are now seeing its way all over Ready-to-Wear collections and couture on runways across the globe. It’s an inherently upbeat season with interpretations from the 1980s with the most vibrant, saturated color palette we’ve seen in decades…

So what exactly is hot? Too much to incorporate into just one look! Although it is fall, we couldn’t help but show these summer 2017 looks that will have your outfits right on track with the hottest new trends for everyday of the season. Because of such large color variety, you could practically wear a different color every day of the year. Color is everything this year and definitely differs from last year’s neutral, toned-down color palette. It is likely that you’ll see shades of pinks and highlighter yellows, florals and velvet just about everywhere, along with electrifying blues, flame oranges, purples, and lime greens. Spring/Summer is the time to be bold and daring, and that is exactly what this season’s designer’s color selection called for the summer.

Fashion of the 1980’s had its own personality and distinctive esthetic look. Women continued to show more and more skin, as garments evolved into works of art, incorporating groovy patterns and exhilarating colors to establish the most remembered fashion era in history. Styles cut across every kind, introducing the fashion industry numerous looks. The fashion industry’s inspirations of the ‘80s had enough chutzpah for the whole world, and the garments of this era generally set forth this. Dresses and skirts were covered in all colors of the rainbow, in elaborate patterns including florals and bold stripes. The overall structure of garments was kept very angular, as raised shoulder pads and daring cutouts were popular at this time period. Emphasis on the chest as well as tiny waists were desired as women reintroduced corsets and bralettes, making fashion an even greater statement. As women continued to be freer with their wardrobe, they also continued to adopt the styles of men, incorporating men’s pinstriped, collared shirts into their outfits. This era was full of endless opportunities and an open door to new and inspiring creations to all sexes and ages.
Achieving these 80’s-inspired looks won’t be too hard to accomplish. The market is full of ‘80s inspired garments, some modernized, and some kept original to the throwback styles. This year’s spring and Summer RTW shows have all been kept up-to-trend with introducing ‘80s styles with almost all of the garments within one single collection.

Several designers chose to execute the 2017 trend in various ways. Stella McCartney’s Summer 2017 RTW Collection wowed the crowd with her monotone line of exquisite pieces, incorporating various lengths, shapes, and cuts of the ‘80s, but still preserving the industry’s love for neutrals. As for designers like Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, and ethical fashion brand, Erdem, this fall’s color palette is in full force, incorporating the angular cuts and shapes, with a hodge-podge of colors to wow you. It is no surprise why this era was an all-time favorite and continues to inspire both consumers and designers. Summer 2017’s fashion has shown us a new face, and for the looks of it, throwback inspirations will not stop here, they transition all through fall and winter.

Original sketches by Lianne Almeida

Attachment 1: Erdem Resort 2017

Image and Sketches by Lianne Almeida

Attachment 2: Edun Spring/Summer 2017

Images and Sketches by Lianne Almeida

Attachment 3: Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2017

Images and Sketches by Lianne Almeida


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