3 Recycling Ideas You Haven’t Heard Of

Bottles in the green container, paper in the blue container, bread outside, on your window case – wait, what? We are all familiar with the basic recycling methods and with all those cute and creative ways of reusing plastic bottles, that we can find on Pinterest or many other websites. But we are about to present you three other lovely ways of saving resources, that you probably have never heard of before:

Don’t throw away dried bread

You are probably trying to loose weight, or stop eating bread or you have just forgotten your bread on the table or in a cabinet. Luckily, the mold has not attacked it yet, but there is still a problem: it has gone stale. Obviously, you can’t eat it in these circumstances, so what do you do? Of course, you just throw it into the trash bin, nice and fast, right? Wrong.

An extremely lovely way of “recycling” the bread is to take it to the park and feed the pigeons or the ducks with it. You can also use this as a pretext to go out, take a walk or just clear your mind in the middle of nature.


You can still use food leftovers

This one is a bit more difficult to accomplish, especially if you live in an urban area. The whole idea is to save any bones or meat leftovers and give them to your pets or to any  stray dogs in your neighborhood – the poor, starving animals will definitely appreciate it.

Use water mindfully

Most definitely, you already know that you should not leave water running while brushing your teeth, or that you should fix any dripping tap in your house, and all of those amazing pieces of advice that you can find all over the Internet. But picture this: let’s say that you open a big water bottle, only use it once, and then leave it in a dusty area with its cap open, or you don’t know if somebody else might have used it – for short, you just don’t want to drink the water from that bottle anymore.

Throwing the bottle full of water away or just pouring that water down the drain is very simple and damaging for our planet. A much cooler, eco-friendly way of saving that water is to use it when you wash dishes, or for watering the flowers. Win-win.


Loving our planet and protecting it should be a priority for each and every one of us, because, even though the Earth is generously putting all of its resources at our disposal, they are all limited and we should respect every single drop of water that our wonderful, hard-working planet provides.

Bonus tip: you can always recycle wood by turning your old piano into a cool bookshelf. 🙂


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