5 Top Wasteful Wedding Practices We Need to Stop Doing

Weddings are our big day. It’s the day we splurge for, the day we plan for, the day we want to be picture-perfect. They are also incredibly wasteful. Even forgetting the mileage and emissions that your guests will have to produce just to get to your wedding venue, there are several unsustainable wedding practices that are used for a few hours, only to be trashed. Keep your wedding out of the landfill once you’re done with it.

Using Paper
Paper is one of those materials that we throw away without a thought. Sure, it’s biodegradable, but it also causes a lot of garbage. Keep it green by going digital! Design your own save the date cards and then send them to your friends and family digitally. Not only will you save on the cost of the paper, printing, and postage; you will also provide your guests with a very easy means to accept the invitation and put it into their calendar.

If you like the personal touch of sending physical invitations, make sure you use recycled paper! The same goes for any paper decorations that you use in your wedding. When it’s all said and done, recycle everything you can.

Buying New Wedding Clothes
Everyone knows that the wedding dress is a trap. You spend upwards of hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for a dress you wear once. Clothing is incredibly damaging to the environment, right from the mass-production of the materials used to make them. Save the money and the environment by either renting your wedding attire or shopping for it second-hand. Most of the dresses you will find when you’re thrifting have only been worn once, and can then be customized to suit you and your wedding.

Trashing Your Flowers
Wedding flowers are an international tradition. The problem with them, however, is that they are typically thrown out immediately afterwards. Use a company that will use the wedding flower arrangements somewhere else or give them to your guests when they leave as a parting wedding gift from you. There will likely be far too many flowers to decorate your home with, and for many, the honeymoon begins immediately after the wedding. Give those flowers to a good home rather than throwing them in the bin.

Not Renting What You Need
Cut out the plastic forks and disposable plates and choose a company where you can rent everything you need. Not only will you cut out your waste at the end, but it will also look and feel so much better.

Throwing Out the Food
Your catered event should be able to feed your crowd. If anything, it should be able to overfeed your guests, and so, therefore, you’ll have leftovers. Offer your guests to take some food home, contact any local soup kitchens to see if they would like some of your food, and, after exhausting those options, make sure to compost what’s left!

At the end of the day, you should be able to pack away all your rented wedding décor, donate the food and flowers, compost, and recycle the rest. You should have very, very little garbage that needs to go to the landfill. Don’t be wasteful; have an environmentally-friendly wedding!


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