10 Exercises To Get In Shape When You Have No Time

10 Exercises To Get In Shape When You Have No Time


Sport is an important part of human’s life as it promotes physical and emotional well-being, which is the prerequisite of great achievements in life. Therefore, its role in life cannot be overrated. However, there are days, when it is unattainable to work out, but still, you want to stay in shape.

Here are reasons why it is important to stay fit, ways to stay fit on busy days and examples of exercises, which will help you to stay in shape regardless the amount of free time.


Why Is It Important To Stay Fit?

Staying fit is beneficial not only for your shape but for the overall health. Here are top three benefits of good fitness, which will help you to get in shape.


  • Promotes longevity

According to the information, given by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, those people, who are active about seven hours per week, live longer than those, who are active less than 30 minutes per week. Sport tones up muscles and makes the heart more enduring.


  • Prevents diseases

Routine physical exercises prevent the stroke, a high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, which causes brittle bones. Besides, sport reduces bad cholesterol levels and decreases pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. The National Institute on Aging recommends to focus on cardio training (running, walking), strength training (push ups), and stretching (yoga).


  • Promotes a sober mind and a good mood

If you stay active, then the risk of depression is reduced as during the workout the hormones of happiness are released. Besides, sport maintains a healthy brain, which declines with age. Sport slows harmful age-related effects or even can reverse them.


Ways To Stay Fit


There are hectic days when you have strict deadlines and a busy schedule so that sport is the least thing on your to-do list. However, there are ways, which will help you to stay in shape despite the lack of free time.


  1. The sport doesn’t necessarily imply hitting the gym

Exercises protect the body from diseases such as diabetes and obesity and eliminate symptoms of depression, strength, and anxiety. It is stated that 15-20 minutes of moderate daily exercises boost up your energy level and promote weight loss (provided that you keep to a diet). If you have a strong desire, you can make sports portable. Use kettlebells at home when you have free time. They have a number of benefits: they are small, portable, and adjustable to all fitness goals.

Also, make sure that walking is your daily routine. If it is possible, go to work on foot, stroll more after work. Also, go jogging on weekends. Since it is an excellent cardio training, which strengthens the cardiovascular system and helps you to stay in shape.

Besides, you can benefit from doing your chores because sweeping and vacuuming can burn many calories. Always climb the stairs as according to HealthStatus, a person, who weighs 175 pounds, burns about 21 calories during a two-minute stair climb. Therefore, if you climb the stairs seven times a day, you may burn more than 100 calories.


  1. Eat healthy foods

Your body will function well only if it is supplied with nutritious foods. Healthy food will not only improve your health but increase your fitness level. Go for vegetables and fruit, as they have necessary vitamins. Choose foods, rich in cellulose as it improves intestinal motility, and removes toxins from the body. They are rice, cabbage, beets, carrots, tomatoes. Eat foods, rich in protein as it is the building material for muscles and tissues, it speeds the metabolism and enhances the immunity. Such products as chicken, turkey, milk, meat, cheese, fish, walnuts, and almonds have protein in their composition.

Also, whole grains, low-fat milk, and cheese should be considered. In the meantime, restrict the intake of sweets and soda as they prevent weight loss and refuse quick snacks.


  1. Give up bad habits

Smoking is a destructive habit as it may trigger heart diseases, stroke, and many types of cancer. It increases your blood pressure and affects the blood vessels negatively: they become tighter and eventually, the blood delivers useful substances more slowly. When you quit smoking, you will breathe easier and your cardiovascular system will be improved.

Excessive consumption of alcohol leads to weight gain and triggers serious problems with liver and gastrointestinal tract. So, to reach a healthy weight, you should cut down on alcohol you consume.

On top of that, the habit of drinking energy drinks or coffee throughout the day in big amounts is harmful. These drinks make you too hyped after you drunk them, but a little bit later you feel exhausted.


  1. Stay hydrated

Scientists assume that even mild dehydration affects your ability to concentrate negatively and makes you feel frazzled. People claim that it is important to drink eight glasses of water a day. It is especially relevant for those, who have a busy schedule as they move much, sweat and lose vitamins, so it’s vital to replenish the amount of water in the body.


10 Exercises To Get In Shape When You Have No Time




Physical exercises are always targeting certain muscle groups and some of them require long and careful work. However, there are exercises that do not require a lot of time, but they are effective. They will help you to keep the body in shape and not to lose the fitness level you’ve achieved. Fit them into a packed-full day as they are a great go-to since you can do them almost anywhere. Don’t forget to choose appropriate shoes, which will make the training easier. You may consider a new balance running shoe review, as this model is perfect for fitness.


  1. Push Ups

Aimed at: chest and shoulder muscles

How to do: place hands under your shoulders and feet should be hip-width apart. There should be a straight line from the head to your toe. Go down, keep elbows close to the body, go up and repeat. Do not let your buttocks stick out and shoulders shouldn’t come towards your ears.


  1. The plank

Aimed at: abs and lower back muscles

How to do: lie on the floor, lift the body up and keep it in this position for a few seconds. There should be a straight line from the head to your toes. Don’t lift the head and don’t hold the position for a long time, if it makes you suffer.


  1. The glute bridge

Aimed at: the entire backside and core

How to do: lie on the floor, feet should be on the floor, toes should be pointing forward and knees are bent. Contract your abs and push thighs up. But don’t push your hips so high.


  1. The spider lunge

Aimed at: glutes, hip flexors, and hamstrings

How to do: start from a pushup position, bring the right foot to the outside of your right hand, land with a flat foot and bring it back to the starting position. Repeat on the other leg and preserve a strong plank position. Don’t allow hips to sag.


  1. Squats

Aimed at: hips and buttocks

How to do: place your feet at shoulder width apart, keep the chest tall. Squat deep and return to the previous position. Don’t let knees buckle forward and don’t lift heels off the ground.


  1. Side lunge

Aimed at: quadriceps glutes and hamstrings

How to do: keep the chest up and shift your weight through the midfoot and heel and lunge as low as possible.


  1. Squat jump

Aimed at: glutes and thighs

How to do: squat and make sure your hips are parallel to the floor, keep the chest up. Keep your arms in front of you when you squat. Jump as high as you can and push arms behind the back while jumping. Exhale and land softly. Don’t shift your weight to the toes.


  1. Walkout

Aimed at: hamstrings, core, and upper body

How to do: keep legs straight and the back flat. Bend at the waist and put hands in front of you. Repeat the movements in the opposite direction. Don’t sway side to side and don’t bring shoulders to your ears.


  1. Single-leg deadlift

Aimed at: glutes, hamstrings

How to do: keep the back flat and your core tight. Keep the weight evenly distributed on the legs and lift one leg as you bend forward. Bend as low as possible and then bend yourself back using your back.


  1. Jumping lunge

Aimed at: glute muscles, hamstrings

How to do: keep the front knee at 90 degrees, lunge low and don’t let the back knee touch the floor. Maintain a vertical torso and keep the weight evenly distributed between your feet. Jump to switch feet and land softly.

Thereby, if you want to set yourself up for success in life, make the sport and healthy eating a part of your daily life. And consider these exercises each time you don’t have time to do a full workout.



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