Jose Avina: Eco-Conscious Entrepreneur

Jose Avina (pictured below), eco-conscious CEO and owner of Eco Fitness, isn’t your everyday CEO…


But then again, Eco Fitness isn’t your everyday gym.  Jose has a dream of becoming the 24-hour fitness of the eco fitness genre.  He is well on his way to achieving just that.

Nestled cozily between L Street and Liestal Alley in Midtown Sacramento, this open-face gym truly is a diamond in the rough.  As I walked past the gym, the words Eco Fitness popped out at me.  I had to stop and peek inside to see what this was all about.

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I was greeted immediately with a broad, easy smile, a friendly voice, and an extended hand.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was shaking hands and speaking with the CEO of this gym, Jose Avina.  He is now telling me about how his amazing business idea turned into an eco friendly gym.

“We are trying to harness human power…trying to produce enough clean energy to power the building and hopefully one day be able to power an entire city block.”

Being the first gym of it’s kind in the United States is no small feat, but Jose appears to have it all under control.

Jose guides me upstairs and shows me the 14 bikes they now have hooked up to the grid.  Each of the bikes has an integrated power inverter that converts leg power, into electric power.  This is truly a fascinating idea.

“Our very first member, Angela, walked in on our grand opening out of curiosity and having never joined a gym before, she joined our gym.  She liked the concept and she’s our number one recruiter now”

I ask him how he came up with this idea, apparently it was during a run at another gym.

“I was running on a treadmill, and I always shock myself when I’m running on treadmills.  I started thinking to myself, ‘what if there is a way to harness this human energy to produce clean energy’.”

An epiphany during a run, I can certainly relate.

Jose began researching the idea and discovered that eco friendly gyms were starting to take root in Germany and the UK.  Jose reached out to these gyms and they were very open in sharing their ideas with him.  He also reached out to a company called Sports Arts, and they were able to provide the equipment for his business idea.

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This is not just a bike-only gym.  The lower level contains an impressive amount of free-weights, a body sculpting machine, and plenty of space.

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Not only do members get to feel good about giving back to the grid, but they are also offered premium quality personal training.

“We offer personal training to our members.  We found some of the best personal trainers in Sacramento.  Each trainer has their own boot camp that they run, and we even have boxing.”

So far, this gym has managed to generate around eight thousand watts (and counting).  Additionally, they hold competitions between themselves and other gyms through Sports Art.

“Through the system that Sports Art has created, they track every gym and what they are producing.  My idea was to create a network between our gym and the UK.  We want to be able to compete with each other, how many watts we are producing.”

I love this idea of gamifying the carbon footprint.  I think more gyms should follow suit.

Jose dreams big and we certainly need more entrepreneurs like him out there fighting the good fight for planet earth.  His dream is to one day make eco fitness a household term.  I applaud him and know that he will succeed in this venture.  It just makes sense for our future to get everyone involved.

Give this gym a call today, or better yet swing by.  Perhaps you will be lucky enough to speak with Jose, as I certainly was.  The gym is located at 1914 L Street in Sacramento.  You can reach them at (916)329-8651.

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  1. Great idea….but not the first, nor the only in the US. Our eco-friendly energy generating gym has been going since 2008 in Portland 🙂

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