When in Germany

Hey trendy people! Today I’m coming at you live from Munich Germany.

Beauty can be defined as something that is pleasing to the eye, often symmetry is a sign of beauty (facial structure.)

While touring Munich I was able to view beautiful things that have come into contact with battle, things that have cracks, scratches, tattered and torn but have so much beauty.

DEM BAYERISCHEN HEERE, the commanding Victory Gate was built in 1852 to celebrate a military victory it has seen war but now stands for peace.

As I walked up to this powerful structure that was so beautiful in its simplicity but also so intricate, I felt amazed, I wondered if everyone could see it’s beauty?

Society questions beauty. Are we beautiful?  Today, in my simplicity, I felt beautiful, but more than that, I felt empowered .

This Victory Gate that has seen war is a thing of beauty.

Go to the mirror and look at yourself, love yourself. Love the imperfections that make you, imperfectly you.

Flexin in my complexion

My skin used to be something I thought was my imperfection, but today as I stood tall, I was flexin( slang for flexing) in my complexion ?. I used Juvias Place eyeshadow palette (Nubian) for that gold highlight on my cheeks, because when you travel, you have to maximize your makeup. My eyeshadow palette is doubling for highlighters as well. I was proud of my sun kissed melanin and just wanted to glow!

There is beauty in simplicity and there’s beauty in me . Today, I stood tall, I stood out, I was confident, and was admired for the one thing that I never wanted to talk about.

Today I won’t be writing about how you can get my look, I’ll be encouraging you to  love yours. Tattered ,torn ,bruised or wrinkled .

Put your best face forward.


Gia O Neal

Senior Editor Of Web

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