Fashion’s Favorite Island

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Fashion’s Favorite Island

One of the private cottages available at Coral Sands

Fashion’s Favorite Island

A reading area at Coral Sands hotel

Fashion’s Favorite Island

Designer Jonathan Simkhai looks over the ocean

Fashion’s Favorite Island

Model Caroline Vreeland poses for a personal photo

Fashion’s Favorite Island

A renovated guest room at Coral Sands

Fashion’s Favorite Island

A picturesque view

Fashion’s Favorite Island

A shot from the Jonathan Simkhai resort collection

Fashion’s Favorite Island

The pool at Coral Sands

Fashion’s Favorite Island

WSJ Fashion Editor Tom Van Dorpe and model Caroline Vreeland goof off on a boat

Come for the pink sand beaches, stay for the style. Harbour Island, the first capital of the Bahamas, is home to luxury resort Coral Sands, a family-run hotel that has hosted fashion designers and honeymooners alike.

Harbour Island, a car-less Bahamian paradise, is only accessible by boat. The picturesque view is characterized by three miles of pink sand beaches. Coral Sands, named after said beaches, has been featured in a variety of fashion spreads and film shoots, as well as visited personally by those in the high-fashion industry.

Designer Wes Gordon hosted his 29th birthday party at the resort in 2015, praising the beauty of both the hotel and island itself. “Harbour Island’s blend of colonial style with island culture creates a unique Slim Aarons vibrancy,” Gordon captioned an Instagram shot. “The iconic Coral Sands hotel is located on one of the most beautiful stretches of beach I have ever seen.”

Coral Sands owners Tim and Silma Sherman maintain a hands-on approach to the hotel, making it more of a “wonderful old friend’s beautiful beach house” as Gordon described. Coral Sands specializes in privacy, with cottages on the pink sand the hotel was named for. The resort was founded by actor Brett “Buzz” King and was opened in 1968. The Shermans purchased the resort in 2004, and recently completed renovations on the historic boutique hotel. Updates include touches by famed interior designer Guillermo de Yavorsky, Italian-imported furniture, and all natural wooden features.

“Our new renovation invites guests to come as they are, sand between toes included,” co-owner Silma Sherman said.

Dubbed “barefoot luxury,” Harbour Island has become a modern destination for tourists seeking a quieter retreat. This sense of comfortable exclusivity makes the island perfect for celebrities.

Designer Jonathan Simkhai chose Coral Sands precisely for its elegant laid-back vibe to launch his 40-piece sporty chic resort swimwear collection last December. Simkhai hosted a two-day party for stylists, tastemakers, and models, cruising the turquoise sea to dancing in the pink sand to private concerts. Guests included graphic designer Julia Resoin-Roitfeld, Instagram icon and model Caroline Vreeland (yes, great-granddaughter to THAT Vreeland), founder of The Fashion Guitar Charlotte Groeneveld, and Hugo Boss stylist Tom Van Thorpe.

Although Coral Sands is the hotel of the moment, don’t fret– the family-run charm will not be departing anytime soon. But in the mean time, why not live the model’s life and escape to the most fashionable destination of the summer?

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