Jouer Cosmetics Releases New Summer Line

Summertime is a great season to have fun experimenting with different products and colors. There’s always fun to be had during the summer, making it a perfect time to switch up your look as often as possible. Jouer Cosmetics has recently launched a new line, Skinny Dip, that will allow you to do just that.

Summer should be all about that shimmer and glow which is where this brand comes in. They have just released an eyeshadow, highlighter, liquid lipstick, and lip topper. Each available in several different shades and colors, or can be purchased in a bundle where one of each is available, plus a free lip topper.

Metallic Shimmer Champagne Lip Topper via Jouer Cosmetics
Shimmering Golden Peach via Jouer Cosmetics

The Liquid Lipsticks all come in all the perfect summer shades from reds, to pinks, to nudes. The Lip Topper is infused with coconut oil, and adds shimmer to your lipstick. It can even be worn alone or paired with Jouer Long-Wear Crème. The Lip Topper comes in five colors: Champagne, Golden Nude,

Metallic Warm Pink Gold Lipstick via Jouer Cosmetics

Bronze, Rose Gold and Snowy Pearl. Their highlighter powder is meant to create that shimmering, sun-kissed look with colors like Golden Peach, Deep Bronzy Peach, Gold, Peachy Gold, Rose Gold and Champagne Pink. This highlighter is a creamy, powder that will create the best summer glow. Their eyeshadows are just as perfect to create a summer glow, with colors ranging from platinum, pink, gold, bronze, and taupe to cocoa bronze.

Ultra Foil Shimmer Shadows via Jouer Cosmetics

Summer is quickly approaching, which is the perfect time to get on these new releases and perfect your summer looks.

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