Cincinnati- An Eventful City

Cincinnati is a large city in Ohio known for its tall, prestigious buildings and busy streets, as well as its elegant, old-fashioned, history rich sites. Cincinnati’s diverse nature has a lot to offer. The beautiful urban areas that are always buzzing with life or the quiet, understated historical parks can capture the interest of all kinds. Here is my subjective experience in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Personally, my favorite place to visit in Cincinnati is the Cincinnati Art Museum. This museum has an extensive collection of artwork ranging from African Art, American Painting and Sculpture, Asian Art, Classical and Near Eastern Art, Contemporary,

Art Museum
Cincinnati Art Museum

Decorative Arts & Design, European Painting and Sculpture, Fashion Arts and Textiles, Musical Instruments, Native American Art, Photography, Prints, and Drawings. The museum focuses on the area of international art and the works are organized by native location and original time period. Its collection of over 67,000 works, spanning 6,000 years of human history make it one of the most extensive art museums in the Midwest.

Elegant Lobby in Cincinnati Art Museum
Elegant Lobby in Cincinnati Art Museum


Cincinnati Art Museum
Themed room at the Cincinnati Art Museum

The museum was built in 1886 and is one of the oldest art museums in the United States. Located in the eloquent Eden Park, this museum sits at the top of a steep hill overlooking downtown Cincinnati. It has various rooms dedicated to specific genres of art that enable the visitor to feel as if he/she has stepped into a different century and/or country. The rooms felt as if they went on forever and there are so many favorites. One of the most memorable is the Asian sector, which exhibits religious sculptures that are elegant and ancient. Picture below are just a few examples of the most interesting. However, we could not possibly fit all of the amazing pieces found in this museum into one article! Simply does not do it justice.

Asian Art
Asian Art
Art History
Cincinnati Art Museum themed rooms
Historical Art Ancient architecture simulation at the Cincinnati Art Museum
Ancient architecture simulation at the Cincinnati Art Museum

Another activity at Eden Park is a visit to the Krohn Conservatory, a botanical garden that offers a nationally recognized showcase of more than 3,500 plant species from around the world. The conservatory exhibits a wide range of displays and sections dedicated to specific global habitats. One of the most recognized is the rain forest waterfall and exotic plants on permanent display in the Palm, Tropical, Desert and Orchid houses. The facility is tastefully decorated to provide a bright and colorful display of plants and trees. This activity is educational and interesting for individuals of all ages and is a big tourist attraction in Cincinnati.

Cincinnati, Ohio Botanical Garden
Botanical Garden
Cincinnati, Ohio Krohn Conservatory Waterfall
Krohn Conservatory Waterfall

Downtown Cincinnati is widely known for its tall, modern buildings and first-world excitement. There are endless things to do and places to go. One of the most memorable is the opportunity to climb the 49 floors of the Carew Tower

Cincinnati, Ohio
View from Carew Tower

for a beautiful view of the city. Carew Tower is the second tallest building in Cincinnati and the highest elevated building in the city. Visitors are allowed to make their way to the top of the building to perceive the city from a bird’s eye view.

My experience was unforgettable. Unfortunately, after finally climbing the 49 floors, it began to rain. But, when the rain stopped the city developed a eerily pleasant layer of fog that could be seen from atop the building. The picture fails to depict the exact nature of the experience. However, experiences are always better when they are first-hand. This is an activity that I would highly recommend to tourists.

My favorite restaurant, authentic to Cincinnati, is the Vinoklet Winery. The aspects that set Vinoklet apart from other choices in Cincinnati is the local hospitality, in conjuction with Croatian complements and its amazing selection of wine. The wine found at Vinoklet is wholly grown and manufactured on site. The rolling hills filled with seemingly endless vineyards is an aesthetically pleasing destination to enjoy dinner and a glass of authentic, fine wine. The most famous is “Brother Joe” that received the title of the best wine in the state of Ohio. Fresh, authentic, and luxury are the strong suits of this restaurant.

Every September the Vinoklet Winery holds a wine and art festival that attracts many tourists and locals. There are often local bands, art exhibits, and wine being offered for a fun and exciting experience. The artwork is often local and on sale for visitors of the festival. Many vendors set tents up in rows showcasing their unique art products. Of course, wine is available for tasting, by the glass, or by the bottle. There is also an outdoor stage that is constructed beside a small pond and fountain that frequently hosts bands, weddings, and plays. This beautiful facility combined with its quality products and services is a common tourist and local attraction that will surely not to disappoint.

Vinoklet Winery
Vineyards at the Vinoklet Wintery (

Overall, my experience in Cincinnati, Ohio was absolutely wonderful. This city is rich in history but also offers modern and timely activities. Discussed are just a few activities that I found to be the most fun and interesting. Certainly, there are endless events that attract tourists simply looking for intriguing experiences. Being so diverse, Cincinnati offers a wide range of sites and attractions that can be enjoyed by anybody.

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