3 Festival Looks To Rock Out In

PSA: Festival season is among us ladies and gents! From Coachella to Afro Punk; from Boho Chic to Athleisure. The diverse range of music that blasts from the various speakers across the world is coupled with an equally diverse range of festival attire that is worn by the chanting crowd. There is no right or wrong way to dress “festival-ally,” (just as long as you’re not appropriating another culture). Attending a music festival is clearly different than attending a wedding or a business meeting. One, you don’t have to wear shoes all the time or even at all. And two, sometimes pants are even optional. (But generally only when you’re attending a beach music festival such as the Hangout Festival).

The head-to-toe outfit variations are limitless. Floral headband or head-chain? Various pastels or monochromatic darks? Sneakers or booties? Whether you are looking for inspiration, want to spice up your own unique style or both, below are three festival looks that you can rock out in!

1. Boho Chic: Part bohemian and part chic, this timeless festival attire – flower crowns, print maxi dresses, crochet, and fringe – will have you channeling your inner free spirit.

Free People’s 200 Degree Mini Dress in Dusty Green


LuLu’s Darcy Black Ankle Booties


LuLu’s Beige Wyeth Suzy Straw Sun Hat
Free People’s Ocean Drive Round Sunnies
Free People’s Dreams In Bali Gold Choker Necklace Set

LuLu’s Boho Black Tote

2. Athleisure: When comfort and retro style collide – sports bra, leggings, bomber jacket and sneakers – you’ll be effortlessly casual and flawlessly fly.

Free People’s City Slicker Sports Bra and Leggings
Free People’s New Balance Vaze Rush Trainer
Free People’s Letterman Snap Jacket
LuLu’s From The Crowd Black Baseball Cap
LuLu’s Zenon Silver Mirrored Sunglasses
LuLu’s Zip Me Baby One More Time Black Mini Backpack

3. Unicorn Rave: These mystical creatures have been inspiring fashion over the years – iridescent raincoats, non-traditional pastels and light-wash denim shorts – with inspo glitter makeup and hair, this look will have you feeling pretty magical.

Free People’s This Is It Brami in Lavender
LuLu’s Amuse Society Crossroads Light Blue Distressed Denim Shorts
Sugar and Cotton’s Rainbow Hologram Jacket
LuLu’s Alzena Silver Flatform Slip-On Sneakers
Free People’s Kaleidoscope Sunglasses in Aqua
Free People’s Kane Silver Backpack

By no means are any of these festival looks “the look”. These styles can easily be worn in everyday life, but maybe save the unicorn makeup for Halloween. Nonetheless, dress to your comfort level, drink water, be safe and have loads of fun!

erika lewis

A wanderlust bookworm, writer and alternative/indie music lover who dreams of making a difference in the world through sharing the timeless beauty and knowledge of books.

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