Asperges à la Flamande

Asperges à la Flamande (Asperges op Vlaamse wijze!)

Asperges à la Flamande
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When you hear the word “Belgium”, you probably think about chocolates, waffles and/or beer. But did you know that one of Belgium’s delicacies is actually a vegetable? I am referring to the noble produce known as asparagus.

When we Belgians talk about asparagus, we automatically refer to the white variant, which is available from late April until June. During these months, lots of restaurants feature a separate asparagus menu; these dishes are usually a starter or a main dish and never a side dish. Asperges à la Flamande (in Dutch, “Asperges op Vlaamse Wijze”) is the most popular. If you prepare them as a starter, you take four of them; for the main dish, seven.

List of ingredients (main dish for 4 persons)

  • 28 asparagus
  • 300 gr. of butter
  • salt and pepper
  • parsley
  • 6 eggs

First, you need to clean the vegetables. Take an asparagus by the top and with a peeler, remove the skin, going from the top to the bottom. Once you have finished this, remove the wooden bottom.

Put the asparagus in a pan with cold water. Bring slowly to a boil and once the water starts to bubble, remove the pan from the heat and let the asparagus rest in the hot water for 5 – 10 minutes. In the meantime, slowly melt the butter until you obtain a yellowish fluid.

Boil the eggs for 9 – 10 minutes and let them cool in cold water. Peel them and put them in a bowl. Crush the eggs and mix them with the finely chopped parsley and a small portion of the melted butter. Season this mix with salt, pepper and a little bit of nutmeg.

Now it is time to assemble the dish. First, put a royal portion of the melted butter on the plate, followed by 7 asparagus. On top of the vegetables, you put the egg mix. This is a simple dish, but a delicious one as well!

Bon appétit (Smakelijk!)


Ingrid Dendievel

Ingrid Dendievel is a Belgian foodie, traveller and photographer. She likes to eat and drink local produce and travel to off the beaten path locations in Europe. You will never see her without her Nikon D7100.

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